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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rami comes upstairs. Aru was holding a wooden stick. Rami comes to stop her and says this electric box is really dangerous, she must not touch it. Aru insists that someone must be inside the room. Rami comes behind Aru, there was no one in the room. Rami wonders where must Lal ji be hiding. Aru wonders how can something fall here when everything is in place. rami spots the plates hidden under the cover, and takes a chance to cover it completely. Aru says there must be a person here, she met someone last night. What if that person is in the room. Rami spots Lal ji handing with the reiling on the roof, she takes Aru outside forcefully. She tells Aru she can’t bear any harm to Aru, she was the one who couldn’t take care of Dharmi as well. Aru wonders why Rami brought Dharmi between the conversation.

In the room, Mukhi wonders why there is no light. Mishri brings the papers of property to him and says she doesn’t feel a need for them. Mukhi says he doesn’t care, she must take it and leave. Mishri cries if Mukhi has broken all the relations with her. She doesn’t want a share in his property, she only wants his forgiveness and his blessings to the maximum. Mukhi says forgiveness and rights are poles apart, he strictly tells her to take what he has been offering.

Rami takes the papers from Mukhi’s hand. He turns to leave silently. Rami says Mishri has thrown the gift over his face. She says only blood can understand his love, that adopted girl… Mukhi interrupts there and forbids her call Mishri as adopted. He can’t forgive her for betraying him in his marriage, but she is his life, his happiness and his daughter. No one must dare call her anything else. Rami says she couldn’t see how she treated him, but she apologizes him if he disliked. Rami says her life also lie in Mukhi, just like Mukhi’s life lie in Mishri. Rami thinks she would take the advantage of his determination not to forgive Mishri.

Aru calls her mother. Mummy was upset about Dharmi’s betrayal. Aru tells Savitri that she has seen Dharmi’s video here, she said she was ready to marry Mukhi and someone urged her to run away. Savitri was worried about Aru and cries. Aru assures she is fine, she can take care of herself well. There was a thunder of clouds, Aru tells Savitri soon there would be rain of hopes on barren land and everything would get well. She watches some boys playing marbels and offer Aru to play with them. There was a strong blow of wind, Aru turns upstairs to feel the rain drip over her. She goes to play with the kids in rain. Mukhi stood on the door and thinks she would fall ill if she gets so wet in the rain. He goes inside and comes with an umbrella. Aru was jumping around. Mukhi says she would fell ill, Aru tells him not to try being a husband as she can take care of herself well.

There, Rami sends Mastana to fix the fuse and goes towards Mishri’s room. She finds her drying her hair, and says Mukhi is angry with her due to some reason. She asks Mishri if she ever thought why her act pinched his heart so hard. She says she feels really upset in telling Mishri though she is piece of Mukhi’s heart but she Raaj Karata’s blood doesnt run in her body. She tells Mishri someone left her at thier door steps years ago, Mukhi brought her up as his daughter but actually Mishri is an orphan. Aru turns around to Rami’s shock. She questions Aru what she has been doing in Mishri’s room wearing her clothes. Aru says she got wet, Mishri gave her clothes and has gone to bring steam for herself. She confirms Rami if Mishri is adopted and doesnt know abou it.

Rami gets weepy and says Mukhi doesnt want Mishri to know about it, but she feels Mishri should know about the truth. She is going to get married, what if she finds it through someone else. Aru requests Rami not to share this with Mishri, she is already upset and would break knowing this. Aru asks if she wants Mukhi and Mishri to stay happy, Rami asks what she wants to say. Aru tells her to let them stay happy for a while. She says had Mishri been her sister, she would have gone to any extent to keep this secret from her. She says she was helpless when Dharmi took a wrong decision, but today she can save a sister. Rami agrees to Aru and says she got emotional, she forbids Aru to share this with Mukhi. Aru promises not to tell this. She gets sneezing, lights also get fixed. Rami was furious that non of his plans work when Aru is here.

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lal ji calls Rami and says he has spot a doorway. Rami asks what should Mishri do to make God happy, Aru suggests about helping orphans. Rami asks to go to an orhpanage and smirks.

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