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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Aru runs behind the lady. Rami and Arjun look towards each other. Aru runs towards the truck where the ladies were loading but had shut the truck already. The truck leaves. Aru says the ladies left in truck. Arjun says he sent them, he thought they were pregnant and the truck had to pass through their house.

Mukhi ji reads the diary that only flowers are enough to make a girl happy. He gets a vision about a girl walking across his room with veil over her face, she held a flower and sipped tea; prepares food and feeds him with her own hands. He asks if such minor acts bring happiness. The girl run away as he tries to chase her. Soon, Mukhi realizes it was a day dream. Mukhi ji calls Aru who doesn’t recognize him, she explains they either speak with tin phone or face to face. He asks if all girls think the same. Aru laughs at the question, then replies mostly does. Girls dream big but their demands are only minor. Mukhi asks if she also likes the same, meal at home and a cup of tea. She asks what does Also mean? Mukhi asks when she would return home? Aru asks why, Mukhi tells her not to question much. There Aru asks about Rami.

It was dark, Rami was waiting for the driver near the truck. She was all alone and heard someone following her. She turns to see a shadow on a wall, it was a lady with long hair and nails wearing rings. She runs fearful towards the factory. Aru makes her comfortable. Rami tells Aru she has seen the ghost, it wasn’t an animal. It had long hair and nails, the ladies consider it the same ghost. Aru says there is no ghosts and takes Rami along. In the jeep Aru thinks she must find out who that stranger is.

At home, Aru looks around for Mukhi and comes to a candle lit decoration. She thinks she also liked this at a time. Mukhi appears from a door and reads a verse for her, kneels in front of her and asks for her hand. Aru places her hand over his. She soon realizes it was a daydream and Mukhi was offering her a bowl of food. He says he cooked it with his own hands. Aru holds the bowl. Mukhi ji shows her all what he had cooked with his own hands. Aru thinks to herself she must treat herself, she again visualized Mukhi as the hero. Mukhi tells Aru this is a thankyou from him, as she took care of him and took him outside as well. The ghost had reached their home and stood behind the wall. Mukhi tells Aru he read somewhere that girls like this. Aru says until Mishri was here he woke up by watching her face, now whose face would he see? Mukhi promises to share with her as soon as he gets to know himself. Rami curtly watches Mukhi and Rami speak to each other. She thinks Aru can’t live happily after snatching her love from her.

The next morning, Mukhi ji wakes up and watches Aru’s face. Aru wakes up by felling off the couch as usual. She looks towards the mirror and finds Mukhi dancing there, she laughs as he winks from behind his glasses. She smiles in the mirror then hears Mukhi’s gargles from the bath. She thinks about getting herself treated, and heads to get ready for work. Aru was trying to get her phone from under the couch, Mukhi comes out and thinking she isn’t here. He farts heavily. Aru straightens up at once, Mukhi explains he got gas last night. Aru laughs and runs outside, Uma hands her the tiffin. Rami comes to taunt that Aru must help at home tasks as well, they aren’t her servants to serve her always. Aru says she would finish all the work at home before going for factory. Rami tells her to gather the spices outside and keep them in the kitchen. Aru goes out saying she will finish all this in no time. Outside, the something approaches Aru.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aru wakes up in a hiding and finds scratches of cat’s paw on her arms. She was afraid to see the ghost, long hair, steel hands with long nails and clown mask on face.

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