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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 29th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Mishri replies to the men that he is the Mukhi of the village. The man instead inquires Mukhi if he didn’t find anyone to marry in the candidate, or he wants a rich girl for himself in the city. Mishri was enraged, Aru takes the men away.

Outside, Aru tells Desai he has no manners of asking a question. She promises to bring them another proposal and tells them to leave.

In the room, Mishri asks if those people were crazy. She already thought they shouldn’t invite them here. Mukhi tells Mishri there questions were not the good one’s no matter their way was not. He had accepted people would ask all these questions. Mishri notices Mukhi had been packing bags, she begins unpacking but Mukhi gets aggressive saying it’s about him. He doesn’t want to marry, he lied when he promised her to get married. Mishri asks why he came Ahmedabad then. Mukhi asks if he should have let Deep leave, he had decided to fake this proposal search. Mukhi deters until Mishri leaves her condition he won’t eat a single grain of food and tells her to pack her bags. Mishri speaks she owes him a lot and can’t see him hungry, she will pack her bags. Mukhi wipes her tears and forbids her count any of his responsibility towards her as favors. He caresses her head and tells her to pack her bags.

In the village, a lady comes to Sona and tells her Raman is calling her. Sona was worried about what Raman has to say and goes to her. Raman was preparing Halwa and informs Sona it’s for Mukhi. She makes Sona help her and scolds her for not thinking about anyone but his wife. Arjun comes there saying he also doesn’t think about anyone but his wife. Arjun silently presses the bare foot of Sona and tells her to work. She cries silently. He caresses her face calling himself lucky to have a wife like her. Raman tells Arjun he is the one who takes care of all of Mukhi’s work and is enjoying the real Halwa.

Aru spots Dharmi pleading in front of Anshu on a road side. Anshu left pushing her away from himself leaving Dharmi crying. She crosses the busy road to find Dharmi already left. Aru comes to Dharamshala and finds the room settings changed. A man informs her Mukhi has left already. She calls Mishri who was on the way, Mishri tells Aru its Mukhi’s decision to return to village. Aru gets serious and asks about the timings of their bus. Aru hurries the auto driver while Mishri was waiting for Aru at the bus stop. They had boarded the bus and were about to leave when Aru reach the station and runs behind the bus. The bus had left the station, Aru ran behind it helplessly. She turns around with a low moral then spots Mishri sitting in another bus, looking hopefully towards Aru. Aru gets in. Mukhi was shocked to see her there and asks if he decided to leave so instantly. Mukhi gives her payment. Aru asks if he thought she came for money, she can’t take it as the work wasn’t done. Mukhi insists as her time was spent. Aru looks towards Mishri and says if he wants her to take the money, he must have a cup of tea with her. Mishri tells Mukhi to go, she would take care of luggage. They come to a stall on the bus station.

Mukhi was silent, Aru watches Mishri hopefully looking towards her. She shows Mukhi a photo of her sister Dharmi who remains tensed. She loves her sister a lot, but Mishri loves him ten folds than her love. She doesn’t understand what Mukhi said to her that made her accept defeat. He gets so worried if something is left undone in village. Mukhi says village is his responsibility. Aru asks whose responsibility is Mukhi, if something stays it rots; be it water or life. He must change to improve his life. She points towards Mishri standing at the bus door. Aru says she would never complain if he takes her back today, but she would be happier if he accepts her wish. She would never be able to enjoy any fruit in her house well, only worried about him. His life would never complete if he doesn’t change himself. She understands she would never be happy if her sister is upset, same applies to Mishri as well. Mukhi silently looks towards Aru.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aru takes Mukhi and Mishri to meet a family assuring there is only the girl and her mother. They were shocked to meet a house full of family there.

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