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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

A man in glasses appear from the car, confronts Mishra and slaps him hard on face. Aru thinks this is DMO. The officer reminds Mishra in his office all work is done through justice that is the reason his, Abhay Desai’s district is ahead of others. He tells the inspector Mishra did all this, Mr. Katara has no problem with that. He suspends Mishra right there. The inspector grabs Mishra towards police station. He recognizes Aru as Mukhi ji’s wife and appreciates her efforts, then asks for permission form and signs them right there at Mukhi ji’s house. Aru thanks Abhay and cheerfully says to Mukhi they have won. Mukhi ji tells Aru their village has a dispensary right because of him. He inquires about his foreign tour. Abhay tells them he had to participate in Sawan Utsav of their village.

Aru asks about Sawan Utsav, Abhay says it’s a fair in which fifteen couples from different villages participate; this year they have thought about gifting the winning couple 2 lacs. Aru swirls around with Mukhi ji.

In the room, Aru tells Mukhi ji to celebrate for such an achievement. Mukhi ji suggests about Laddu. Aru moves towards him romantically, reads a verse for wanting a medicine for her heart pain while she moves her finger over his chest. Mukhi ji offers to go for vacationing, and will carry their food. Aru calls it romantic, Mukhi ji looks into her eyes. They share an eye lock. He moves for a kiss, she pushes him away. It was a day dream only, Mukhi ji asks for Halwa Poori or Sweet. She tries to speak to him about romance, and asks about going on a date. She has to explain him what a date is, he agrees to go. Mastana comes to take them downstairs, a few women have come to meet them. The ladies brought Pedas.

Aru laughs. Sanvi asks why they are laughing now, first over milk and now on Pedas. Mukhi ji asks the ladies about matter. They say they came to congratulate him and Aru for plan approval. Mukhi ji says it’s all because of DMO’s return, Sanvi was nervous knowing he is back. The ladies remind Mukhi ji about the rule that the newest couple would take part in Sawan Utsav and he and Aru is the couple this year. Aru was excited. Sanvi was lost and worried. Aru asks about Sawan Utsav, the ladies say there are five games. Mukhi ji could see himself being joked, the old lady says they must take part for sure. Mukhi ji thinks had he known already, he would have got Panch’s son married instead of engaged; he must have been the newest groom. Mukhi ji was sitting upset and sings to Chammo about his concerns, he is old and what he would look like while taking part in such childish games.

Uma, Sanvi and Mastana sat with Aru. Uma tells Aru she and Arjun also took part in the fair. Mastana says Sanvi couldn’t take part because her husband already died…. They all scold Mastana for saying anything. Mukhi ji comes there and tells Aru she won’t enjoy it, as they aren’t participating. Aru catch him in the corridor, Mukhi ji was worried about what they would make Mukhi ji do in the games. Aru was annoyed, Mukhi ji curses himself for being childish with her. Aru requests him to agree, Mukhi ji leaves saying her innocent face won’t work.

Rami hears Aru ask Uma if she mixes Bhang; would Mukhi ji agree. Uma leaves the decision to her. Rami comes to her and asks her if there is some difference between her and Rajay. Is there some fight between them or love, Rami asks about its extent; if its limited or limitless. Aru doesn’t understand. Rami leaves calling her a duffer. Sanvi comes to ask Aru if Uma has left, then turns to go as well. Aru stops Sanvi, butters her and asks why Mukhi is behaving this way. Sanvi tells Aru Mukhi wonders if his love for her is right, he is worried about people making fun of him. Its her duty to understand what husband is able to communicate, and what he hasn’t been able to.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aru watches Mukhi ji pushes a bull cart out of a hole alone. People complimented his health. Mukhi ji says the fresh air of village and home-made butter is the secret behind it.