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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The light was out, Aru was sacred, she grabbed Mukhi’s arm. They were going to the washroom, Aru taunt her for making the washroom outside the house. Aru went inside asking Muhki asking him to stay outside. She was constantly calling out his name to know whether he was outside. Aru opend the door and was scared when she didn’t see Mukhi. She ran screaming, she hit Mukhi. Mukhi calmed her asking Aru to open her eyes. Aru immediately hugged him tightly. Mukhi asked her what happened, she said there is a ghost in the bathroom. Mukhi making fun of her said that the ghost should be the one screaming her name. Aru separates herself from Mukhi. Mukhi came close to Aru saying that a one who fights with everyone is scared of ghosts, he laughs. Aru said that she asked him not to leave. Mukhi said that he left to lighten the lamp, Aru said that he wouldn’t let her leave for any more time again. They both were going inside when Aru notice that light opened in the upper room.

Rami ben was telling laal jii she must get going no. Aru calls out Mukhi. Rami ben and Laal ji heard her name. Aru tells Mukhi that the light is open, Mukhi replies her saying that he was the one telling her about the ghosts. Immediately the light turned off. Aru runs after Mukhi who had already left.

Deep was requesting Mishri on telling his parents about her being an adopted child. Mishri insisted him saying that her brother has always taught that every relation should be on the consent of truth.
The next morning, Deep’s parents came in talking that they must ask for as much as they could today. Ram ben came welcoming them, she heard them taking and thought to herself that he must take advantage of their greed.

Mukhi, Aru, Mishri and Deep were sitting reciting all that in pooja, pandit asks them to take their elders blessing. Deep’s mother said that in four days after the wedding they will leave but he was thinking to buy a farm house here. Mukhi told him not to do so as he will give the farm house to Mishri. Mishri remembers what Rami ben told her.
Rami ben stops Mishri saying that as a sister she must care that her brother has a family too. Rami ben tells Mishri that she has decided to give everything she has to Mukhi, but it doesn’t mean Mishri as she has been very dear to Mukhi. Mishri must consider everything as hers.

Mishri went to Mukhi saying that who much will he give to someone who doesn’t own it. Aru s tops her Mishri insists. Mishri tells her parent in law that she is adopted. Mishri tells them that Mukhi and she are not blood related but he has done and give her everything one can desire. Deep’s father gets furious saying that he mukhi hasn’t done good by lying to them. Deep’s mother says that who can they have someone as their daughter in law of whose family they are aware off. Mukhi says that the truth is that Mishri is his sister. Deep’s father says that she cannot have Mishri in his family. Rami ben was happy. Aru asks Deep’s parents that what is wrong with the girl they like a few days ago and the girl who is standing in front of them now.

Deep’s mother asks her to be quite as she is little and does not now such matter. Deep’s mother said that a girl’s family matters a lot. Aru tells her that she only cares for how the girl’s family is, they don’t care whether Mishri in well-mannered or not they only care for her wealth. Aru asks them to leave as they would not want to tie not with a family who doesn’t care for Mishri. Aru taking Mishri with her when Mukhi stops her. Mukhi went to her grabs Mishri’s hand, Aru was about to say something when Mukhi shuts her up. Mukhi apologizes Deep’s parents for what Aru said but they said that what happened is unforgivable. Deep’s parents refuse to forgive and leave. They took Deep with them. Mukhi was angry and asks Rami ben to take Mishri inside.

Everyone leaves but Aru. Mukhi shouts at Aru for what she has done. Mukhi tells her not be a apart for this family, she is only here for the time Mishri gets married. Aru tells him that Deep’s parents were wrong and he knows it. Mukhi tells her that Mishri was happy with Deep and she ruined it. Mukhi tells Aru that relations are very weak but she doesn’t know it.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rami ben saw Aru and Mishri leaving the house. She tells Mukhi. Mukhi went to Mishri’s room. Deep’s mother said that Mishri has taken Deep with her.