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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Jamuna warns Sharabi to keep an eye, she needs to speak to Dharmishta alone. She is a weak chain that must be broken. Sharabi gives her news about Rashika and her children’s arrival. Rashika apologizes and says her husband was shameful to come here.
There, Sanvi shows them special cones made for bride. Jamuna comes with Mishri to take the bride. Rashika introduces herself and shows the desire of her children wanting to see village. Jamuna finds a chance and sends Aru with Kaki’s kids and tells them to take Krishna along.
In the market at night, Aru spots Dulari being polished at workshop. Aru tells Krishna that Mukhi promised her to let her drive one Dulari is polished. Krishna was in disbelief. Aru kicks the bike and offers someone to sit behind her. She drives away when everyone denies. The whole village begin to run behind Aru.
Only Rashika was left in the room, Jamuna sends her to see the diamond set they are going to present to Dharmi. Jamuna sits beside Dharmi saying she atleast got a chance to speak to her alone.
Aru hits an electricity pole that sparks and the lights turn off. Mastana stops Mukhi from going out and says the generator has gone out of place. Krishna tells him about Dulari. Aru stood upset beside Dulari. Mukhi comes out and looks towards the pole. Aru says his Dulari is all fine. Mukhi was silent. Mishri tells Aru that the light of whole village has gone. Mukhi was trying to start his bike looking towards Aru angrily. Aru complains there is no signals in this village, they must call the power supply man. Aru was now excited to see full signals in her phone, Krishna says this place is called Kaali Ghati ka Shamshani Kona. Mukhi scolds Aru for laughing, he sends Dulari with Krishna and sends everyone away. Aru wasn’t ready to leave, she will only go when she has fixed the issue. Aru stops Mastana with her, she assures Mishri she would arrange for everything.
At home, Mishri assures the electricity would soon be fixed. Krishna tells them about Aru. Jamuna was curt over Aru.
Mukhi called the power supply department. Aru asks the line man what if a fat, healthy person moves some wires. The line man warns he might get a jolt of electricity. Aru turns to see Mukhi climbing the electricity pole. He gets an electricity jolt. Aru feels it was day dreaming. Mukhi turns to leave with Mastana, Aru stops Mastana but he insists that Mukhi is a God for her. Mukhi was sure Aru would follow them. Aru was worried about what she can do, she spots light from a side. She reaches a hut where a girl was studying. Aru says she has found a way. The girl tells Aru to open the door. The girl says if she opens the door, she would also hear the screams of witch. Aru was frightened. She walks across the roads hearing different voices. She hears a sound approaching. It was Mukhi. Both come across and fell over the floor. Aru screams but Mukhi says its him. Mastana comes with a flash of light, both straightens.
There, Sharabi asks Rami if she has spoken to Dharmi. Dharmi arrives with family, and complains about being so hot. Rashika says it would be hot in the village. Jamuna was determined to speak to Dharmi today.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jamuna speaks in front of everyone that Dharmi was upset as a friend called Dharmi so she thought about asking, who is Anshu. Rashika announces its her old husband,

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