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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Arru asks if Mishri knows the girl in that pic. Mishri asks Mukhi to tell her. Aru was confused asking questions from Mukhi and Mishri if they know the girl in that photo. Mishri was crying telling Mukhi that he might have adopted that girl from this orphanage twenty years from now. Aru figures out from Mishri’s words that the girl in the photo is Mishri. Mishri says that they are not siblings. Mukhi told her that nothing changed between us we will always be brother and sister but Mishri runs away saying that it’s not true. Aru runs after her.

Mishri was crying in her room, the door was locked. Aru was convincing her to open the door. Uma and Sharabi asks Aru what has happened. Rami ben asks what is happening. Aru told her that the worse has happened. Mishri was crying. Everyone asked Mishri to come outside they will solve it together. Laal ji was watching it. Rami ben leaves to call Mukhi.

Rami ben was one her, remembering about what Mukhi did to her. She remembers how Mukhi told her that her child died. Rami ben reaches Laal jii. He asked her what happened. Rami ben told him that she is remembering what Mukhi did to her. Laal jii asked her to focus, he tells her that he cries everyday for his dead child. Rami ben tells her that she is on the right path, Mishri has started hating her beloved brother.
Au asks why not Mukhi has arrived yet. Savitari says that she will call her, she was about to leave when Mukhi came and knock the door. Mishri shouts Mukhi jee to leave as he has lied to her. Mukhi was shocked that she didn’t call her brother. Mishri shouts saying that he punished her when she lied but he has been lying to her for twenty tears. Mishri breaks few things in the room. Mukhi asks her to open the door. Mishr asks Mukhi for her real parent’s and if she could meet them, Mishri furiously asked her if that’s too hard for her. Mukhi tells her open the door he will try to make her understand. Mishri says to her that he would be a God for the village but for her he is just a liar. Mishri starts crying. Mukhi leaves crying.

Rashika ws asking Aru’s mother if Mukhi made new jewelry for Aru as Dharmi left with actual one. Anshu’s mother comes in yelling that Dharmi took her son with her. Aru’s mother calls Dharmi asking if she is alright.
Mukhi and Mishri were crying and remembering all the beautiful moment they had.

Aru’s mother called Au telling that Dhamri is with Anshu. She asked Aru if she is fine. Aru replies her saying that Life has been challenging her on every turn. Aru sees that Mukhi has left. Aru says goodbye to her mother and leaves to look for Mukhi.
Mukhi was sitting on a chair crying and remembering what Mishri said to her earlier. Rami ben came inside thinking to herself that is so relived seeing Mukhi suffer. Rami ben asks Mukhi to eat and not to worry about Mishri. She tells Mukhi that Aru forced her and took her to the orphanage. Rami ben tells Mukhi that Aru has no idea what she has done, Rami ben asks Mukhi not to say anything to Aru. Mukhi leaves.
Aru tells Uma that she will talk to Mukhi as she has never seen her so tensed.

Aru and Mukhi ran into each other. Mukhi asks her why she took Mushri to the orphanage. Aru was shocked asking Mukhi how is it her fault, he was he one not forgiving her. Mukhi tells her to stay away from Mukhi and Mishri as she in nothing. She is just a guest who will leave in a few days

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aru tries to make Mishri realize that Mukhi really cares for her and that he hasn’t eaten anything. Rami be was angry at Aru. Aru receives a phone call after which she was very shocked.

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