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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Jamuna welcomes the guests.
Aru tells Mukhi that there is a witch, she tells Mukhi she has arranged for light for her sister’s mehndi. She asks Mukhi about the cars in village and asks who has them. She assures Mukhi that she and Mastana would speak to them. They were successful in turning the lights of function through cars. Aru recalls how the girl was studying in light of her father’s bike and showed it to Mukhi. She walks in boastfully with Mukhi. Mishri cheerfully welcomes Aru and announces to begin the function.

Jamuna says she would put the henna over the bride’s hands. She brings a cone thinking she would surely get the truth from Dharmi and takes her along. Aru takes everyone for putting on henna. Aru boasts in front of Mukhi how she took him out of trouble, she feels to be his problem solver.
A girl comes to pick the last cone, Aru goes with her for henna application.

There, Jamuna and Dharmi were alone. Jamuna says she is educated and pretty, still ready to marry Mukhi. If she has thought well before her decision, it’s not easy to live in the village, like this electricity power out. Jamuna watches Aru and signals her, Sharabi comes to hit her and spoil the henna. She asks Dharmi about her friends in city who wants to attend. Dharmi’s phone rings with the call of Anshu. Jamuna watches this and says Dharmi only got signals because her friendship is fast.

Mishri comes to show her henna to Aru. She was shocked to see the cone that was being applied on her hand and says it’s the bridal cone. She looks towards Dharmi in shock. There, Jamuna attends the call and places the phone on Dharmi’s ear. Dharmi was reluctant. Aru comes from behind. Jamuna thinks Aru has again come to ruin her game. Aru asks Dharmi’s whose call is it and takes the phone. Jamuna takes the phone in her hand saying it was wrong number. Aru tells Dharmi she got the bridal henna over her hand and tells Jamuna she applied silver cone henna on bride’s hand. Jamuna takes the henna saying it was by mistake, she would apply the left over henna. She tells Mishri to get some more henna, she will fill the cone and apply it on Dharmi’s hands. Aru agrees and takes Mishri. Jamuna smiles that Dharmi is really afraid of Aru; she then asks Dharmi who Anshu is. Dharmi says he is a friend. Rashika comes from behind. Jamuna calls her there, Rashika complements Dharmi’s henna. Jamuna says Dharmi is still not happy, a friend called her and she got upset; who is Anshu? Rashika was shocked and goes to complain Aru about this call. Jamuna stops Rashika and says Dharmi is going to be their daughter in law, its better they tell her who Anshu is. Rashika says Anshu is her first husband. Rashika says she felt their parents must have shared about it. Dharmi says Mukhi knows about it. Rashika says Anshu is a greedy man and left Dharmi for a rich girl, he might be calling Dharmi as he knows Dharmi is marrying in a big house. Jamuna assures them not to worry, she will handle everything. She warns Rashika not to discuss this even with her parents and Aru.

Later, Jamuna tells Dharmi she is Mukhi’s sister and loves justice. She understands well that women can never love a second man. She promises to be with Dharmi, she must do what her heart tells her to do. She must share her true heart with her.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jamuna says Dharmi would herself grind turmeric for her haldi. Jamuna later offers 2 millions to Anshu to take Dharmi.

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