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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

In the morning, Aru dreams of sleeping till late and thinks Mukhi left her with one more favor to say a thanks. She thinks only seven days are left. She gets up and looks for Mukhi. Outside the room, Mastana tells Aru its Mukhi’s birthday today, then regrets as he didn’t have to tell her. Aru asks Uma but she also asks who told Aru, Uma says Mukhi doesn’t celebrate his birthday. Aru decides to celebrate Mukhi’s birthday. She comes downstairs and this Sanvi, Sanvi seems annoyed. Aru apologizes her for misbehaving. Sanvi says Aru was right, there must not be any space between husband and wife for any third person. She asks Aru to taste some pakoras, and says these aren’t special for Mukhi’s birthday; she knows him well and he won’t like it. Aru decides she will celebrate the party.

Upstairs in the room, Aru downloads recipe of cake in her cell phone. She goes to prepare cake in pressure cooker. Uma offers her help but Aru says she would do it herself. Later on, Aru decorates the hall with bunches of balloons and flowers. Uma comes to Aru and tells her to go and get ready well for her husband. A husband always wish his wife gets ready well for her.

Upstairs in the room, Aru finds dresses and jewellry. She thinks Uma must have sent this and thinks about getting ready according to Mukhi ji. Uma calls that Mukhi is here.
Mukhi ji enters the house which fall dark. He comes inside to all the decoration and reads Happy Birthday Dukhi Mukhi, getting at once who did this. He asks about Aru. Uma blindfolds him and tells him to hold hands of five ladies in front of him and recognize who Aru is. Mukhi was apologetic to every woman he held hands with. Aru also stood in the lane, Mukhi passes by her noticing the bangles and rings in her hand. Rami cheers. Mukhi stops at Sanvi instead. He removes the blindfold, everyone laugh while Aru visibly feels jealous again. Mukhi says Aru isn’t here, she goes aside and cries.

Mukhi ji comes to Aru where she was crying. Mukhi asks why she got so much ready, how he would have recognized her. Its not any circus drama but his birthday. Aru cries that she got ready for him on his birthday and he is laughing. Mukhi ji offers her handkerchief, she throws it down. Mukhi tells her to clean her Kajal. Mukhi says he doesn’t know why she got ready so much, but he likes her the simple way. Aru stares at him. Mukhi says her beauty lies in her simplicity, like the pearls look beautiful only the way its raw. Aru takes off all her jewelry and untie her hair there and then. Both look at each other. Mukhi says now she looks to be his GaoRani.

During the party, everyone appreciates the cake Aru made. Sanvi stood on a side with the bowl of her halwa then turns around with it. Aru tells Mukhi ji about having prepared the cake. Mukhi appreciates it then looks around. Sanvi comes there. Mukhi asks her to bring it. Aru asks what? Mukhi ji asks for Halwa. Uma says Sanvi prepares Halwa on every birthday of Mukhi ji. Sanvi says she didn’t prepare this time, he has Aru to serve him cake this time. Mukhi stares at Sanvi as Aru tells him to cut the cake. There, Mastana brings the halwa. Sanvi says Aru prepared cake much heartily. Mukhi says he wants to continue eating this halwa. Aru asks Mukhi to cut the cake and makes him blow candles, but only after making wishes. Mukhi says it was better she prepared a cake.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mukhi takes the first piece of cake to Sanvi insisting its her right.