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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Aru was tensed, saying to herself that how as she wrong when she said the right think. She said that it was necessary for her to speak in such a situation. Aru wanted to talk to her mother, there were no signals. She was to throw her mobile when she stops saying that it’s the only thing that’s hers.

Deep was saying to Mishri that his parents are not ready to accept her. Aru heard him and thought to herself that she needs to solve this mess.
Rami ben and Laal jee were celebrating. Laal jee asked her if Aru left. Rami ben told him not yet but soon because of the mess she created today. She will leave in 3 to 4 days. Rami ben sees Aru taking Mishri outside the house. She was happy saying that it wouldn’t take 3 to 4 days she will today

Mukhi was surprised to hear, Rami ben said that that’s what Raman told her. Rami ben said that Aru is doing whose every day. She is going to embarrass us in front of the village. Rami ben tied to convince Mukhi that very thing that is happening is because of Aru. Rami ben says him that she may ask Raman. Mukhi tells her that this must not go out of the house. Mukhi went to Mishri’s house. She wasn’t there.
Mukhi came downstairs calling Mishri while Deep’s parents came down calling Deep. Deep’s mother says that where has Mishri taken their son. Rami ben asks them that their sister in law has taken them both. Deep’s mother says that what kind of family is this, first their girl hide truth about herself then she ran away. Rami ben says that Mishri is innocent, Aru forced her on the wrong path. Deep’s father furiously said that family, respect, blood is very important. Mukhi says that he will find them but first he has to do something very important.

Mukhi packed Aru’s clothes. Rami ben stops him. Mukhi throws the suit case out of the house. Aru came forth. She asks him what he was doing. Aru was about to enter the house, Mukhi stops her. Aru takes a step back. Mukhi and Rami ben both asked her about Mishri. Aru acted clueless. Rami ben told her that the whole village saw her taking Mishri with her. Mishri and Deep appears side to side. Mukhi furiously asked Mishri where she was? Mishri acted confused. Aru said that that’s what Mukhi thought about her. That she made Mishri and Deep run away. Aru asked Mukhi that he doubts his own teachings. Aru said that he thought that Mishri ran away.

Mishri said that Aru took them out to talk. Deep told Mukhi that Aru made him realise that everything that happened was wrong. Deep confesses his love for Mishri that she will only marry her. Deep says that Aru made him realize that not everything is beautiful but if we try we can make it perfect. Deep’s mother says that then he must have run away with her. Deep says that he wanted to but Aru told her not to do so. Aru told him it’s not necessary to be right but for it to be told the right way. Mukhi remembered that he said that. Deep’ parents agree saying that Mukhi has done his best for Mishri. Mukhi says that they must forget what happened. They all came inside but Aru didn’t

Uma says that they must celebrate. Mukhi see Aru standing outside in anger. He went to her. Mukhi ask Aru’s forgiveness by holding his ears. Aru disapproves. Mukhi was bending down. Mishri came saying that he always shouts at Aru, this time he must do something romantic to apologize. Mishri says that he must hold Aru in his arms and take her inside. Aru was shocked. Deep says that it’s a great idea he will record. Mukhi asks her not to act childish. Aru runs and enters the house. Mishri takes her inside. Mukhi brings Aru’s bag.

Dharmi was asking Anshu that she is worried, Anshu calms her saying that to sell this jewellery they need papers, to get them they need to go to Rami ben. Dharmi says that she is worried because he is going to that village. Anshu says that nobody knows him, he will enter the house.

Aru was unpacking his bag. Mukhi came inside repeating the word patience to himself. Mukhi asks her about her new drama Aru says that he is doing the drama by throwing the bag at her. Mukhi defends himself saying that he threw it outside the house. Aru says that she promised to stick around until MIshri gets married. Mukhi asks him what has she made his room a laundry house. She said that she is putting back her stuff. Aru was angry that he is again scolding her, she starts moving towards him while yelling. Mukhi apologizes to her saying that he is sorry. Aru makes fun of it, she was laughing hard and rolled her feet in a cloth. Mukhi runs toward her but she broke Mukhi and Mishri’s picture undeliberate.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aru was telling Mukhi that she received a phone call and heard a woman crying, she said that it’s possible that her husband abuses her. Mukhi asks her that she made that story just from a phone call.