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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mukhi places the pot of water down. Aru tells Mukhi she has cleaned the pot of water well, he won’t find a clever enough girl somewhere else who would spot an insect and throw the water. Mukhi asks why Aru didn’t tell him earlier, then understands she wanted a condition to win. He asks Aru what she wants him to do. Mishri cheers as Aru was about to place her demand, the girls dance before. Mukhi was in a disbelief.
In the kitchen, Jamuna watches Dharmi work. She points towards Sharabi who brings a basket full of coconut. She needs to grind these all with her own hands. Dharmi was about to deny when Aru comes there. Aru was excited to see she was preparing kheer. Dharmi says she has to prepare Prasad, Aru promises to help. Jamuna says none can help a bride, she must break 25 coconut  using her own hands. Aru spots a stone nearby and says there can atleast be a stone in hands. Dharmi goes to break the coconut. Jamuna was curt. Aru boasts that Dharmi can do anything, she says today Jamuna would be proud of what she has done. Today would be Dhamal at Sangeet.

At the Sangeet function, everyone dances together. Aru spots Mukhi behind a curtain and shows Jamuna. He enters the hall beating a huge drum. Everyone was shocked. Aru approves by nodding. Mukhi signals her to wait and watch and begin the dance. Everyone enjoy the function. Mishri comes to hug him and dances around with him, caressing him. She brings Aru in the circle as well. Mukhi and Aru now dance together. Mishri now brings Dharmi between the circles, ‘Hum dum bin tere kya jeena’. Dharmi smiles spotting Anshu in place of Mukhi as Aru pushes her close to him. She realizes it was Anshu and backs up at once, running inside.
Aru comes to Mukhi and assures tomorrow would only be his wedding, she doesn’t want him to do anything else anymore.
Dharmi comes to a side, her hands ache as she recalls how much she had to work. She thinks she neither loves this man, nor is living in the village easy’ then why is she marrying.

Mishri comes to Mukhi and tells him to watch their dance video together on first night. They tease if Mukhi is nervous for tomorrow. Mukhi turns to leave but slips, Sanvi teases him again. Aru and Mishri laugh that its girls’ team.

Jamuna gets Anshu’s call.
The elders of Panchait appreciates Aru for her effort to make Mukhi laugh. Aru says Mukhi is a little nervous because of his marriage. The elders come to Mukhi. Kailash asks Mukhi why he is worried. Mukhi says he thought he won’t find a girl in first place, but everything was managed. The elders had come to him by then and tells him not to worry for his marriage, they offer to explain everything he wants to know. Mukhi asks Kaka who told them he is nervous, they reply Aru. Mukhi watches Aru laughing as she watched him. Mukhi wish she leaves tomorrow after the marriage.
Jamuna comes to Dharmi and shows her Anshu’s call. She says she always cut the call as soon as she gets it, but she is thinking this time… Dharmi gets up and leaves the place.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dharmi forbids Anshu call Jamuna again. Anshu tells her that it was Jamuna who called her before. Dharmi was in disbelief. Jamuna hears the conversation from outside.

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