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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 6th April 2017 watch online HD on 

On the way back, Aru and Mishri tease Mukhi and select a place for dating in Ahmedabad. Mishri asks Aru if she has ever gone on a date. Aru says she always date with her dreams. Mukhi stops the car and tells Mishri to go to Dharamshala, he has something important to do on the way. He asks Aru if she would drop Mishri safe, or would date her dreams. Aru comes out of the car enraged and screams at him for not even thanking her. She pants screaming no girl in Ahmedabad must have agreed to marry him had she not been here. She realizes it had only been a day dreaming. She gets a call from Mummy and asks her to come to Chachi. Aru comes there to see Anshu’s mother screaming at Dharmi for stalking her son. Dharmi replies they are lying to Anshu’s new in laws. Kaki asks if Dharmi has gone so crazy behind Anshu, does she even know what such girls are called; she left us with no respect. Aru shouts at Kaki to stop it, she apologizes Anshu’s mother for Dharmi’s mistake and promises this won’t happen again. She tells her to leave for now. Anshu’s mother leaves in anger. Kaki takes the guests to begin the function, she curtly murmurs a few words against their family. Kaki joins hands in front of Papa and requests him to take his daughter and not to return with her anymore. Kaka tells Papa what Dharmi did today is unforgivable, he will try to make up Rashika’s mood but they must leave for now.
A man was resisting police assault, he was shocked to see Mukhi sitting in the police mobile. Mukhi tells Sameer that Roopa’s father filed a complaint against him that he will kidnap Roopa, he must leave the city silently and not even try to be seen with Roopa. Sameer was ready to go to jail for Roopa, he loves Roopa dearly. Mukhi asks if he is ready to go to jail for Roopa? The inspector tells Mukhi if this wasn’t what he wanted to hear? Mukhi stops the car and thanks the inspector for help. The inspector says it was because of him he could study, and thanks him for any help needed. Mukhi shows Sameer a letter from Roopa.
In Dharamshala, Mummy scolds Dharmi for what she did. Anshu has clearly stated that he wants to marry someone else, why is she disgracing herself behind him. Dharmi says she can lose everything for him. Aru takes Dharmi outside. Aru complains Dharmi for being responsible of what happened today. She always want to be like Aru, but is disturbed by the thought of Anshu’s marriage. Aru hugs Dharmi, they hear a Pooja bhajan being done by Mukhi. Aru hides herself. Dharmi walks downstairs. Aru thinks she was happy about Mukhi’s proposal, but she wants Dharmi’s life as set at Mukhi’s.
The next morning, Aru leaves the Dharamshala hiding from Mukhi. She calls the receptionist of her office and shares the good news about fixing Mukhi’s life. She tells her to keep her advance cheque ready. She hides as Mukhi comes asking the manager about the arrangements. She wonders what he has been arranging. Aru gets a call from Mukhi who asks her to bring Roopa to Victoria garden. Aru says alright, then speaks aloud about what Mukhi wants to do in such an old age.
In the Victoria garden, Mukhi comes to greet Roopa smiling. Aru wonders how frank is he getting. Mukhi signals Aru to go, he will drop Roopa home by himself. Aru stalks Mukhi and Roopa. They stop by a point talking to each other. Mukhi turns around while Aru hides under a bush. She stands up again to find Mukhi had left Roopa alone. Roopa walks the other way. Aru wonders where Roopa has gone.
Aru spots Gautam dating a girl in the park. She follows him and asks him about the order. Gautam says he had to stay here as his workers were leaving, she asks him about the sample of work.
Roopa’s parents ask about Roopa. They question why he came alone. Mukhi tells them that Roopa has run away with some Sameer to marry him. he got a call from someone that their daughter. Bua says she bid Roopa with Aru.
On the way, Aru speaks to herself about weirdness of Mukhi. She thinks about going to Dharamshala. Roopa’s parents cry thinking about the society. Mukhi says there is a single way.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap  : Aru asks what is happening in Dharamshala. Papa says a wedding and asks why she didn’t inform her about Mukhi staying here.

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