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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 7th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Aru comes to Dharamshala and was shocked to watch wedding preparations. Her Papa was also involved with the arrangements. Aru calls him aside and asks what’s going on. Papa says wedding, and asks why she didn’t share her client Mukhi is staying here. Aru asks who told him? Papa says manager, he didn’t get a chance to meet Mukhi as he is busy with wedding.
Mishri takes Aru to get Roopa ready, its Mukhi’s arrangements and he has decided the wedding would take place today. Aru comes shocked about the proceedings.
Dharmi speaks to Anshu on phone, she tells him to come behind his house in ten minutes. What his mother did was her wish, now they would work according to their own wish. She leaves the Dharamshala.
In the room, Roopa tells Aru Mukhi arranged this all and will manage about her parents as well. Aru watches her shadow in the mirror who warns this Mukhi would leave with his bride tomorrow, she must get his commission as soon as possible. Aru comes out to call Niten and informs her Mukhi is getting married today, she must get her commission today. She watches the groom arrive in Sehra, then escorts him to the stage considering him as Mukhi. She was shocked to see Mukhi come from the front door and asks the groom who he is, the groom says he is Sameer and asks who Aru is.
Roopa’s father asks Mukhi what this all is. Mukhi says this is Roopa and Sameer’s wedding. He comes to Roopa and places a hand over her head. He says he told Roopa he would do what he would think right, he thought they must marry with Roopa’s parent’s blessings. Roopa’s father questions Mukhi who is he to take the decision of his daughter’s life. Mukhi shows him Roopa’s letter, and the law. He asks if his respect wouldn’t have ruined had Roopa ran away. Her papa says he would have killed them both that way. Mukhi asks if he must have got his respect back that way. Instead, he must have lost his daughter’s life, his respect and spent his life in jail. Mukhi says he kept a hand over his daughter’s head, but her father must do Kaniadaan. Its his decision now, if he wants to fill his daughter’s and his life with happiness? Roopa’s mother keep a hand over her husband’s shoulder. He removes her hand and walks towards Roopa. Sameer runs towards Roopa as if protecting her.
Roopa’s father says he always established a fear of him in her heart, still she thought about running with Sameer. This shows his love has won over. He turns to Mukhi and thanks him for bringing his mistake to him and asks to begin the wedding of her daughter. Roopa runs to hug her father. Aru was moved as she watches Mukhi smiling.
Dharmi comes with Anshu in a hotel room and locks the door from inside. She hugs him, getting intimate with him. Aru asks Mishri if she knew about this all. Mishri says she had been dreaming about Mukhi’s wedding since she came from Roopa’s house. Mukhi only cares about others. Aru wonders why he doesn’t think about her, how she can get a proposal to Mukhi if he continues doing this. Mishri says Aru can drop Mukhi as her client, it’s a challenge for her to get her brother married and she will do it.
In the room, Anshu promises his mom to be home in a while. Dharmi asks if he would speak to his mom. Anshu says he would agree, they will unite with each other again but then what. He needs money as well, which neither he nor Dharmi has. Dharmi says if money is everything she will marry a hundred times richer man than his present fiancé.
In the Dharamshala, Roopa’s parents take farewell from Mukhi and goes for preparations. Mukhi comes to Aru’s parents and ask why they are smiling. Papa wonders why people like him don’t come to cities. Mukhi offers them to come and live in his village, he would help them with farming. Papa says he had to help Mukhi, he knows him already and shows Aru to him as their daughter. Mukhi was shocked to see Aru there.
Dharmi comes running to hug her Papa and cry. Mukhi looks towards them, then Aru. Aru wonders what happened to Dharmi now. Mukhi comes to Aru and Mishri and say she is their daughter. He says he thought for a while they were calling Aru as their daughter. Aru says she must have called him Papa if they were her parents. Aru spots a steel rod falling over Papa and run to save them, calling Papa. She then scolds the worker and inquires about them concerned.
Mukhi stops her while her parents move on. He calls her a liar who denied accepting her father. He wonders why she lied.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Aru says she will make Mukhi get married no matter what. Mukhi asks who would go with him to his village leaving all of her city luxuries.

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