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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rami leaves the door of the store. Aru was caught in the fire.
There, everyone was enjoying dancing around. Aru was caught in a bad fire, she calls Mishri and Mukhi ji but no one could hear her during the celebrations.
Mukhi hears Aru’s screams and considers them as his illusion. Two servants leave towards the store to bring rice bags, Mukhi goes with them.
Rami comes behind Mukhi and says she would do all this, it doesn’t suit him. Mukhi turns to leave when he hears Aru’s call. Rami says Aru has been joking since morning, this must also be a joke. Aru screams again. Mukhi runs towards the store following the voice and finds the smoke coming out of the store room. He comes in to the blazing room in fire. Mukhi sends for sand and heads inside to save Aru. He reach inside and carry Aru out of the fire.

Outside, everyone had gathered. Sanvi asks if she is fine, Aru asks Mukhi to put her down. They notice Aru’s hand had been burnt. Aru explains that Sharabi sent her inside for bringing some Shagun. She complains to Mukhi that he didn’t come in time. She walks to her room crying.
In the room, Aru was placing ice over her burnt arm. Mukhi comes to the room and says he can call the hospital. He tells her to place this turmeric mix over the burn. Aru complains he didn’t come to save her in time, she can now take care of herself. Mukhi leaves the mix on bed.

Rami was furious that their plan was flopped. Lal ji fears what if Sharabi opens her mouth. Rami tells Lal she won’t be able to come to meet him tomorrow, they must avoid meeting. Her husband is back from city. Lal says he is here only for her. Rami tries to convince him understand her. Lal says Aru would be calm for a few days atleast, Rami was determined to plan something else soon.
Mukhi lay on the bed thinking about Aru and the accident, her cries and complains. He was restless and comes to knock at the room door. His foot hits the telephone Aru had connected them through. He moves the bell which Aru notices, and continues to ring. Aru finally picks up the box at her side. Mukhi asks if she is still angry, she nods. He tells him to say whatever is inside her, he would listen to it. Aru says ‘Dukhi Mukhi!, The one with moustache; he didn’t come to help her though she is on his support here. He is stubborn and selfish, he would miss her when she would leave after four days. ’

Mukhi takes his turn to speak and tells Aru that now she feels light and won’t have nightmares when she sleeps. He nods at her as she lay down. Aru watches him sleep for a while and falls asleep herself.
The next morning, Rami welcomes Deep’s family for the function. His mother says Deep already belongs to Mishri. Mishri comes to the hall, she greets her parents in laws, then comes to Mukhi who compliments her. Deep’s mother compliments Aru and asks about her burnt hand. Aru says its fine now, she put on turmeric mix over it. Mukhi smiles hearing this. Deep’s mother complements the color of Aru’s henna being fast and says this shows her husband loves her a lot.
The dancing begin, Deep comes to the dance floor and drags Uma with him. Aru pushes Mishri with him. Arjun comes to bring Mukhi. Kailash takes Rami while Sanvi points at Mishri to bring Aru and Mukhi to the centre as well. Aru makes up that she is hurt, Mishri asks her to do it once for her sake. Arjun asks Uma if she asked Mukhi for the bracelet and hurt her deliberately with the stick. Mukhi and Aru confront each other well in the dance. Lal ji watches Kailash getting close to Rami, he was furious and comes down wearing a turban. Rami turns around and was shocked to see Lal ji staring at her.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rami was relieved to be in room with Lal ji. Aru recognizes having seen Lal outside the house a few days ago.