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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laal Jee took Rami ben aside. Rami ben asked him why he came down? Laal jee said that he wats to dance with her the same way Kaalash was dancing.
Mukhi said to ask rami ben if the food is ready. Aru went to ask. Rami ben was dancing with laal jee. Rai ben saw Aru’s reflection. Laal jee was worried that she will see them. Aru didn’t see them. Rami ben thanked that they came to her room. Aru opened the door. She saw Laal jee.
Mishri saw Pani puri, sje asked Mukhi for a competition. They were in a hurry to eat, Mukh told Mishri that he will remember this craziness. Mishri asked him to have that fun with Aru. Mukhu remembered that she will leave after four days.

Aru asked Rami ben about Laal jee. Aru told her that she saw him few days back outside the huse. Aru asked Laal jee why did he left. Laal jee told her that he came to give some stuff, he must leave. Aru stops him saying that he cannot leave without having a meal. Aru went to order the food. Rami ben tells Laal jee to leave as she will take five minutes to return. Laal jee was about to leave when Aru came back in saying that she found Mastana, he will bring the food. Aru asked Laal jee from he was from? Laal jee replied saying that Aru is very innocent.

Mukhi asked Mastana where he was taking the dish. Mastana said that there is some special guest in Rami ben’s room. Mukhi thought that it would be the collector. Mukhi opt to take the dish himself.
Laal jee and Rami ben got worried when they heard Mukhi’s voice. Rami ben went outside to take the dish from Mukhi’s hand.
Mukhi asked Ram ben that he got to know that there is some special guest in her room. Rami ben said that there is no one special, just some people whom are to leave. She took the dish from Mukhi’s hand.

Aru was surprised to see Laal jee eating so fast. She told him that she has never seen anyone eating faster than her. Rami ben told her that he has to catch a bus, that’s why in a hurry. Rami ben gave gave Laal jee the dish saying to take it to kitchen. Laal jee made as sound from which Aru recognized that he is the guy from the phone call she attended. Rami ben asked why she is standing here. Aur asked Rami ben to come aside. Aru told her that he is the guy from the phone call, he beats her wife. Aru went to call Mukhi.
Aru brought Mukhi saying that she has found the guy who beats his wife. They reached Ram’s room. Aru asked where that man go, she wanted him to meat Mukhi. Rami ben told her that he had to catch his bus so he left. Mukhi asked from which city he was from? Rami ben said that he was from Rajkot. Mukhi asked that earlier she said Suraat. Mukhi told Aru that that he knew that man can’t be fom this village. Aru said that this all not matter he works in this village, he must be found. Mukhi agrees with her. Mukhi was leaving when Aru said that she recognized by his Hriioom sound hemade after eating. Mukhi stopped and turned back. Rami ben saw his face that she shall find that man and punish him for his cruel behavior. Laal jee was hiding under the bed.

At night, Au was talking to a guy who was interested in investing in Aru’s work. Aeu was happu saying that she will to meet him in four days. Aru was thankful saying that know she will be able to pay her debts.
Aru was eating the remaining three laddo. She had one in her mouth and hide the rest under the blanket when Mukhi enter the room. Mukhi asked her if she talked to her parents or eat, Aru had the sweet in her mouth so unable to talk. Mukhi said that his room atmosphere because she is silent. Mukhi turned. Aru quickly chew the sweet in. She asked Mukhi not to be so happy. Mukhi so smaal pieces of laddoo on her lip, removed them and asked her where she got them. Aru said that Mishri gave her for both of them. Mukhi asked for his? Mukhi was about to eat them but returned as he heard Aru said that these are just like her mother used to make.
In the morning, Mukhi woke up remembering that he promised to see Mishri face as soon as he wakws up. Mukhi had his eyes closed and was going towards Mishri’s room. Aru saw him, thought that he was sleeping walking, and went after him.

Mukhi opened her eyes as soon as he entered Mishri’s room. Mukhi sat beside Mishri, touched her face. Mishri opened her eyes. Mukhi told her that he promised to see his face as he wakes up.

Anshu was in the village he asked a boy for Mukhi’s home. Boy asked Anshu to follow him. That boy asked if he is here for the wedding. Anshu said that he is their special guest.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aru saw Anshu talking to Rami ben about the jeweler’s receipt.