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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik coming to Singhania house. He says I can imagine Naira’s smile on hearing this news. He sees Naira and Kiran dancing. He beats up Kiran. Naira shouts. Mishti pats his hand and asks what are you doing here. His imagination breaks. He says nothing, I came to give sweets. He hears Kiran. Mishti says Kiran is so cool, he has put Naira and his pics on social media, they got many likes, they look so good. Kartik sees the pics and says its not good, my and Naira’s pics come good, take your phone. He thinks show off guy, what was the need to put pics. He asks her to do his work, take account details and upload Naira and his pics, tag Naira too. Sh says okay. Kartik goes to Naira. She falls weak. Kartik says leave her, Naira has her family to manage her. He lifts Naira and takes her to room.

Mishti asks shall I call doctor and Naksh. Naira says no, I m fine. Kartik asks her to get glucose. Naira asks how was your meeting. He says I m worried for you. She asks him to say. He smiles and gives her water. She smiles. He asks why were you exerting yourself, is this necessary. She says yes, I get happiness. He says I won’t listen to you and Kiran. She laughs. Kiran comes and knocks. He asks Naira how is she, this won’t work, couples should be matching, look wise, energy wise, try to match to me, so that people see our chemistry, right Kartik. Kartik nods. Kiran asks when can we go to auditorium for practice. Naira says in some time. He says cool I will give you a yoga pose to regain energy. Kartik says she needs rest more than energy so let her rest okay. Kiran nods. Mishti gets glucose.

Suwarna asks Kirti to help Naira, everything will be fine. Kirti says I will do that. She sees her car gone and asks security. The guard says it went for servicing. She gets Naksh’s call. Naksh says I m buying props, send me pictures of costumes, I will buy matching color. She says the car went for servicing, it had all costumes, we have to reach there, it all went wrong. He says don’t worry, I will do something. Naira sees the dance competition board. She cries and recalls Akshara. Kartik makes her smile. Kiran asks Naira not to get auditorium, we will do marking and then try costumes. Naira stops Kartik and asks don’t you have work today. Kartik says I will go if you are getting disturbed. She says no, I want you to be with me always. Kartik holds her. Kiran asks her to come fast. They dance. Kartik gets a message from Mishti and checks the pics. Naira says Kirti is getting costumes, Naksh is getting props. Kartik asks Naira to come for tea if she has time. Kiran says I also want to have tea, I will just come. Kartik gets Akhilesh’s call and goes to talk.

The man says generator did not come, load is much, we will keep it low. He goes. The meter catches fire. Kartik sees green room and says Kiran, now I will see how your rays come out of green room. He locks and says now Naira and I will have tea. He looks for Naira. He sees Kiran taking selfies. Naira knocks the door and asks for help.

She does not get network in phone to call someone. Kartik says if he is here, who was inside, where is Naira. The fire spreads. She hears the explosion sound. She says what was this and turns to see. She shouts to Kartik. Kartik says how did he come here. Lights flicker and go. She shouts. Kartik says maybe someone opened the door, where is Naira.

Kirti says I got late, everything happened because of me. She stumbles. Naksh holds her hand and asks are you fine. She says yes thanks. He says don’t worry, we are not so late, if you fell and got hurt, it would be problem, if we do everything calmly, everything will be fine, come Naira would be waiting. Kiran shows his and Naira’s pic to everyone. Naira shouts for help. She coughs. The girl asks where is Naira, she said she will check green room and come. Kartik hears this and gets shocked.

Kartik runs upstairs and sees the smoke. The switch box bursts. He shouts Naira. She shouts Kartik. He says what’s happening, what did I do, if auditorium catches fire, help security. He tries to open door. Naira screams seeing the fire in power box. He say which door did I shut. He looks around. He breaks the door and gets her out.

Kartik informs security and sends them. Naira cries and hugs him. She says if you did not come, don’t know what would have happened, you always come and save me, thanks, I know nothing can happen to me till you are there, this time I was not worried for myself, I was thinking of mum’s dream, you saved everything, thanks, but don’t know why did someone lock me. He says it was me. She gets shocked.

He says I locked you by mistake. She asks why. He says I wanted to take revenge. She asks what did I do. He says no, with that Kiran, he was irritating me, I was angry, I was uncomfortable that someone else is coming close to you, I thought to teach him a lesson, he was coming to have tea with us, I know I m sounding stupid, I was angry, I thought when we come back, I will open door. She says I can’t believe this, you locked door for small thing. He says sorry, I was angry, he messages you at night, I know you were friends, but now you are someone’s wife, he should understand. They see Kiran hearing them.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kartik says if any third person goes comes close to you…. Naira says how can third person come between us, did trust end between us, you should have thought before something.