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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kiran saying thanks Naira, I was helping you, your husband was preparing to dispatch me to some other world, wow, isn’t it strange. He goes. Kartik says I m saying true, I just locked for some time, I love you a lot, if any third person comes close to you… she asks how can any third person come between us, trust ended between us? You think what he says and thinks, what I say, think and do, doesn’t matter to you, you should have thought once. She goes. Kirti sees Kartik and asks what did you do, none told me, its written on your face. He tells everything.

She gets shocked. She asks are you mad. He says I was angry and jealous, I thought to protect her. She says you were protecting the girl who protected you many times, we girls try to prove ourselves, but you guys find some situation to make an issue. The man says sorry your time is over, you won’t get stage, other team is ready for rehearsal. Naira worries. The girl says Naira did late and then Kiran. Naksh asks where is Kiran, he knew about rehearsals. Naira says no, I will manage.

Dadi says Naira did not come till now, she would be tired, there would be much work. Suwarna says she will manage. Dadi says she should have done either of two thing, mahabhoj or dance. Surekha says she is rehearsing dance well. Suwarna says she will not upset anyone, both families’ sentiments matter to her. Kartik, Kirti and Naira come home. Suwarna asks are you fine. Naira smiles and goes. Dadi says I wish it happens as Suwarna is saying, else you know what I will do.

Naira says I did not rehearse on stage, sorry mumma, I m not complaining, I m just sharing my fears, I will not let anyone’s head bow down, I will try everything happens well, just bless me. Kartik asks can I say something, I know I did foolish thing, sorry. She says I understand your intention was not wrong, but what happened was not right.

Kiran calls her. He passes phone to her. Kiran apologizes and says I was badly hurt, sorry to leave from rehearsals. She says we will meet tomorrow, we will give our best. She rehearses alone. Kartik looks on.

Naitik sees Akshara’s footprints. Kartik comes there. Naitik asks is everything fine. Kartik says yes, a client has sent mail and showed interest, so I came to inform. Naitik says you could have told this by phone, what is the problem, tell me the real matter, I m your father in law, so you are not able to say, think of me as friend and tell me.

Kartik asks did you get jealousy. Naitik says yes, I was angry, I did not know I had anger on that guy, Akshara or myself, I think I was so stupid, I was thinking stories and got annoyed, I did not know what other is thinking, this is understood once you get old or relation gets old. Naira dances. Zameen aasmaan….plays….. Kartik comes and looks on. He dances with her to help rehearsing.

Its morning, Dadi smiles seeing the decorations. She sees Naina cooking food and dancing along. She asks Naira to be careful. Suwarna comes. Dadi says I know you will say in her favor, I m not against her. Suwarna asks do you want tea or coffee. Dadi signs no. Suwarna thinks Naira has two tests as daughter and bahu.

The servant says this came for you. Naira sees the gift and Naitik’s card. She smiles. Kartik gives her a bouquet and wishes her all the best. He says I hope the day brings happiness for you. She thanks him for couple dance rehearsals at night. He says I will apologize and get Kiran. She asks him to do if he really wants to. He says I m doing this for my happiness, you know I love you a lot. He goes.

Naira makes food. She calls Bhabhimaa to ask about sweets recipe. Bhabhimaa tells her Rajshri likes besan chakki. She asks her to note down. Naira notes down the recipe. Bhabhimaa blesses her. Naira thanks her.

Naira says I will meet in evening. She ends call and says thanks mum, I will do everything as you did. Kartik comes to meet Kiran. He apologizes. Kiran says its not easy for forgive, its not possible to forget what you think about me, I m a friend, you insulted our art too, you did not think how will Naira and I feel. Kartik says sorry. Kiran says you did not care for Naira’s feelings, she loves you a lot, you doubted on her, if anyone comes close to you, you will strongly feel the presence, if your jealousy is right, my self respect is also right, you could have kept it simple, you should have told Naira that you dislike me, she would have removed me from dance. Kartik says you are right, I should have said my feelings, can you forgive me, the performance with Naira…. Kiran says I seriously don’t know… and goes.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naira says food is ready, I will keep flame low. Lav and Kush go to get food cooked soon and keep flame high. Naira and everyone get shocked seeing the food burnt.