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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Suwarna complimenting Naira. Manish asks Kapoors to meet Kartik and Naira. Mr. Kapoor gets a call and goes. Manish compliments Kartik and Naira. Naira thanks him. Bhabhimaa says I will drink juice, I like it a lot. She gets a juice. Baisa says I don’t like him, I like Devyaani’s kada. Kirti stops Bhabhimaa and says it has drink mixed, I will get juice for you. Rajshri asks them to be careful. Kirti asks Gayu id she wants something. Gayu says I meant is there just drinks. Mishti says I got bored. Kartik says I don’t expect anything from one who threw this party. Naira argues. Gayu asks them to calm down. Kartik says we did drama to end your boredom. Mishti says boredom is better than this drama.

Manish welcomes everyone. He asks Kartik and Naira to please come. Kartik turns. Naira holds his hand and takes him. Manish introduces Naira. He says I m happy as everyone special in my life are here, friends, business partners, family and well wishers, and Mr. Kapoor who came here with his wife, who got time for us from his busy schedule, enjoy the evening. He gives a champagne bottle to Naira. Everyone look on.

Baisa says what’s this strange ritual, to give wine to would be bahu, Manish can open the bottle, what type of father in law is he. Naitik asks her to calm down. Naira asks Kartik to help. Kartik says do it, else return it to Manish. She says I will manage. Manish asks Naira to open it. Suwarna goes and helps Naira. Naira opens the bottle. The cork hits Aditya’s face. Everyone worry. Naira says sorry, I did not know how to do this. Kartik says sorry Aditya ji.

A man says Aditya is lucky, he will get a big deal, someone told me this is very good sign. Aditya says really, how sweet, its okay Naira. Naira says I told you to help me. Kartik says sorry. Akhilesh asks Naira and Kartik to pour champagne for guests. They all clap. Akhilesh asks Kartik and Naira to drink, only then others will drink. Bhabhimaa says what, will Naira drink now. Naitik says don’t worry, Kartik and Naira do not drink. Suwarna signs Naira and calls waiter. Naira and Kartik get juice glasses. Surekha comes and stops them, asking them to raise toast first. Naksh says if Manish allows me…. Manish says sure. Naksh says Kartik and Naira are different personalities, but they are same from heart, wishing them a very happy life. Kirti also wishes them all the best. They all clap. Kartik and Naira drink the juice.

Yeh rishta kya….plays……….. Aditya stares at Naira. Naitik says cheers Akshara and drinks juice. Manish asks Akhilesh is Deepak Kapoor busy. Akhilesh says yes. Manish says its fine, he is rich man, he got time and came, that’s big thing. Manish asks Vishwamber and Bau ji to have whiskey. Vishwamber says it does not look to refuse, we will hold glass and not drink. Bau ji agrees. Akhilesh asks them to drink. Bau ji says yes, we will drink. He says how to refuse to Manish now. Vishwamber says yes, it will look strange, we will take a sip and leave. Bau ji and Vishwamber take a sip and shake heads. Bau ji says enough, no. Manish says cheers again. Bau ji and Vishwamber take another head. Bau ji says you said a sip, now we had drunk two glasses. Vishwamber says Goenka ji, cheers….. Manish sees his glass empty and says waiter, get another soft drink. Bau ji and Vishwamber get shocked and look at Manish.

Kirti says we planned special game for Kartik and Naira. Surekha says they are going to spend life together, lets see their compatibility. Rajshri asks Vishwamber what happened to him. Surekha says we will blindfold Kartik and Naira, and they will make these glasses tower, love palace. Baisa says now it will be fun. Naira asks Kartik did he hear, we are in same team, think and play. Kartik says you think and play, you are more competitive. She says no, its about Kaira’s respect. He says yes.

They get blindfolded and game starts. They try to arrange glasses and it falls down. Kapoors join back and like the fun. Gayu and Kirti count down. Kartik and Naira ask how is it made, someone tell us. Dadi asks them to see themselves. Kartik and Naira remove the blindfold and see a lovely castle. Yeh rishta kya……plays…..Everyone clap.

Kapoors see Naira. Dadi says they did great. Naitik says they are made for each other. Aditya eyes Naira. Kirti says when two lovers won tough game, celebration is needed right. Naira and Kartik dance on Zehnaseeb song. Mrs. Kapoor says I have seen her somewhere. Deepak says I also feel so, but where. Everyone come on dance floor. Manish dances with Suwarna. Priyanka asks Naitik for dance. Naitik refuses. Manish asks Naitik to go ahead. All couples dance. They change partners. Kirti dances with Naksh. Aditya looks at her. Surekha dances with Naksh. Aditya stares at Naira and dances with her. Kartik stops seeing Suwarna and takes Naira back. Suwarna dances with Aditya. Bhabhimaa and Dadi praise Kartik and Naira’s jodi. Mrs. Kapoor goes to Naira and asks did you stay in Rishikesh before. Naira says yes, how do you know, did we meet there, did you come there, maybe you came to ashram for donation, I also felt i have seen you somewhere.

Kartik calls Naira and they go. Mrs. Kapoor says its that girl, what was her name. Deepak says Tina. They get angry. They go to Goenkas. Dadi asks them to meet Naira. Kapoors say we are your well wishers, don’t get us wrong, do you know Naira’s family well. Manish says yes, why are you asking. Mrs. Kapoor says we have seen her in Rishikesh. Akhilesh says yes, maybe, Kartik and Naira met there for the first time, he told us. Manish asks them to say clearly. Deepak says its same girl, whose bad experience I shared with you, the so called guide, that thief, the girl who duped us. Manish and everyone get shocked.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Manish asks Naitik did your daughter had murder blame. Dadi says the girl who could not become of her mother, what will she become of us. Kartik gets shocked and leaves. Naira cries.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Details

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is a Hindi language television drama. It premiered on January 12, 2009 on Star Plus. It is India’s longest-running TV serial. The show focuses on the daily life of an Udaipur-based Rajasthani family. It is produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut Productions, and is the longest-running Indian television series based on episode count, surpassing Balika Vadhu. The show’s lead characters are Naira (Shivangi Joshi) and Kartik (Mohsin Khan). The series initially focused on Naira’s parents Akshara (Hina Khan) and Naitik (Karan Mehra).


Parul Chauhan
Medha Sambutkar
Lata Sabharwal
Karan Mehra
Kanchi Singh
Hina Khan
Ather Habib
Vishal Singh
Vineeta Malik
Sonali Verma
Shivansh Kotia
Shivangi Joshi
Sanjeev Seth
Sanjay Gandhi
Sandeep Mehta
Rohan Mehra
Rishi Dev
Reet Sharma
Reem Sameer Shaikh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min