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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with kids asking Naksh about marriage. They ask elders to keep marriage soon. Surekha says we should send Kirti and Naksh out for some time, they can talk. Surekha asks Naksh to drop Kirti to the boutique. Dadi says Naksh will surely drop her. Manish asks them to know each other and have a talk. Kirti asks Naira to come along. Naira refuses. Surekha asks them to leave. They leave. Dadi says Naksh is shy, as relation is still new. Mishti shows the video to everyone.

She says Lav and Kush said it was Dadi’s idea. They all laugh. Baisa says Dadi will be happy to get rid of Kirti, I know you all don’t like my talk, but remember, I m saying truth. Devyaani says I m worried for one thing, Baisa can think the blame on Naksh and Kirti by Aditya was true. Naitik says it does not matter, we just care what children want. Bau ji says we should think about children only. Naksh and Kirti are on the way. Naksh asks her is she upset by all the happenings. Kirti says no, I m surprised, I wanted to talk to you, I want to ask you if you feel the same which I feel. Naksh says there is nothing such to think, some people have joining in fate, even if hurdles come, relation joins, this happened with us also. He applies brakes. He holds her to support.

Kartik apologizes to kids. He says I said sorry many times. Lav and Kush say its your mistake. Naira gets Rasgullas. Kartik says it looks amazing. Naira says Bhabhimaa made it. Kids say we also want it. Kartik asks them to end annoyance. Kids agree. Kartik feeds them sweets. They kiss Kartik and goes. He thanks Naira for helping him. Naira feeds him sweets. He feeds her too. Naira thinks to find out why did Naksh do this. Akhilesh comes and takes Kartik for some work. Naira says Naksh told about meeting and then came here. Kirti comes and hugs her crying. Naira asks what did Naksh say. Kirti says Naksh said we are made for each other, our union is certain. Naksh hugs her and says I m sure he really means this, smile now.

Dadi asks pandit to tell good mahurat. She asks Manish to trust him, they have to be careful. Pandit says there is a problem. Kirti gets worried. Dadi asks is kundlis not matching. Pandit says its about mahurat, wedding should happen within a month, else it could be done after one year. Dadi gets shocked.

She goes to Kirti and says I m thinking to keep marriage till month’s end, are you fine with it. Manish and Suwarna say we should give them some time. Akhilesh says Kirti won’t be able to refuse if you say this way. Dadi asks her again. Manish says you don’t pressurize her. Dadi says I want to know this relation’s future, we will be pressurized by society taunts. Dadi says enough, I m more sensible, let me talk.

Dadi asks Kirti to think well and tell her decision. Kirti says I agree to whatever you feel right. Dadi hugs her and smiles. She asks pandit to write date and mahurat, she will go and talk to that family. Naksh comes home. Everyone asks him what happened. Naitik says we have seen everything on video, but we want to know by you. Naksh says let me go. He tells them what happened. They all get glad. Bhabhimaa says Dadi is coming for meet. Baisa says she will make all of them agree to her, no I will not let anything wrong happen with Naksh. Naira lifts Kartik. They fall on the bed. Kartik jokes. Naira asks him not to disturb her. She says I was so worried for Naksh, Naksh told something to Kirti that my tension went away, their marriage should happen till month’s end, Dadi is going to talk to them, everyone was asking to wait, but Dadi did not agree. Kartik says I have an objection, why are they hurrying, they could have waited for some time. She says this does not matter. He says of course it matters, we also needed time to know each other, they also need time. Naira says they are alone since long, maybe…. He says this maybe is my problem, they have to give time to each other, this relation is not easy, I will talk this time as I don’t want anything wrong to happen with Kirti. Naira asks why are you thinking so, Kirti is happy, go and get ready, everyone is going home to talk. He says fine, then do it, I have work.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dadi says Kirti said yes for mahurat, we have to ask Naksh. Naksh goes. Naira asks Naksh what’s in his heart.