Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Singhanias doing arrangements at home. Baisa gets annoyed. Naksh sees Goenkas coming. Singhanias help them. Naira says Kartik had some work, he will end it and come. She calls Kartik. She hugs Naksh and congratulates him. Manish says I did not know this day will come. Naitik says I m happy for children. Dadi says yes, we will be relieved when they get married, we got a mahurat, Kirti said yes, we have to ask Naksh, I called pandit and he gave this month mahurat, else it will be next year, its not good to postpone marriage. Bhabhimaa says give us some time to think. Dadi says we are one family, you can just tell us.

Naitik says no, actually. Dadi says you want to ask Naksh, I will ask him. She asks Naksh what is his decision. Naksh goes. Dadi asks why did he go this way. She sends Naira. Naira comes to Naksh. She asks what’s going on in your heart, tell me. Naksh gets tensed. Naira asks him to swear on her and say. Naksh thinks he can’t tell her. He says I feel scared hearing about marriage, I recall the day when my marriage broke. She hugs him and pacifies. She says you got a new chance, say yes if you feel right else no, but decision should be one which gives happiness to you, just assure me you want this.

Dadi asks Naira what’s Naksh saying. Naira says Naksh is worried by his past, but he said yes. Everyone smiles. Naksh thinks my family’s happiness is linked to this relation. Both families congratulate each other. Everyone discuss about marriage. Naitik and Naira say marriage should be grand. Dadi says I want this marriage simple way, without many guests. Baisa comes and says think anything, but it will happen what we say, its Kirti’s second marriage, why should we keep it simple, its Naksh’s first marriage…. Dadi says I was just saying. Baisa says you said a lot, now I will decide everything, because this time we are groom’s family. Naira says Dadi, everyone has many dreams for Naksh’s marriage, even mumma had, we want to do it grand, we have to decide by keeping both families’ decision. Naitik says yes, we will talk in few days. Manish says I agree, we will leave now. Naira hugs Naitik. She sees her family and goes.

Kartik is busy in work. He says I should explain them not to hurry for marriage. Dadi says we should think of children’s happiness, not show, Kirti’s marriage happened recently. Manish and Akhilesh ask her to value Singhanias’ sentiments. Naitik says Akshara was dreaming for this day, how shall I skip her dreams. Baisa says they also did their wishes fulfilled in Kartik’s marriage, why should we get back. Bhabhimaa says we always agree to them, can’t they listen to us. Suwarna says we should listen to them. Manish says we should respect their decision. Surekha says they did not make us their servant by accepting Kirti. Suwarna says they did everything what we told them in Kartik’s marriage, they have total rights to do what they want.

Naira talks to Gayu about the marriage. Naksh asks how is Naksh, I feel bad for Kirti. Gayu says I m sure elders will try to sort the matter. Naira turns and sees Kirti. Kirti says I did not know anyone to get hurt, I want marriage to happen the way they want, as they accepted me. Naira says you are perfect, they did not do any favor on you. Kirti says my family can respect their wish, as they respected me. Manish hears her. Naksh says I have seen marrying in grand way, this time I want marriage simple. Naitik hears him. Naitik calls Dadi and asks are you annoyed by Baisa’s words. Dadi says she did not say wrong. Naitik says we are one family, we will take decision by keeping everyone’s happiness in mind, we will keep marriage simple. Dadi gets glad and asks did Naksh agree. He says Naksh said this himself. Manish asks whom are you talking to. Dadi says Naitik, they agreed for marriage in temple.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kartik says I m against this speedy things, they should spend time. He argues with Dadi.


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