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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh hearing about Aditya and thinking to beat Aditya. He goes. Manish stops him and asks will you beat Aditya when he is weak, let him come out of hospital, then we will see him, I have seen your anger and understood, right now Naira is important for us, we should go to her, don’t know where did Kartik go. Inspector says we have to take Naira to big jail, we will keep her there till matter reaches jail. Naira cries. Everyone ask inspector how can he do this. Naira is taken away. They all cry. Manish and everyone leave in the cars and follow.

Kirti comes to Aditya. He thinks don’t know what will she do. He asks her to come, this room has cameras, don’t try to act smart. She holds his feet and apologizes. She says I will never do any mistake, don’t trouble my family. He smiles. He asks did you realize girls have no value in Maayka after marriage, see how I taught lesson to Naira, I framed her in wrong case, she was making everyone against me, now I will see her. Kirti thanks him and says for saying the wrong case story on your own. Aditya gets shocked seeing Kartik and inspector.

He says they are trapped me, I did not do anything. He gets shocked seeing Naira. Kartik says you here, but…. Naira says they were taking me to women’s jail, but someone called…. Inspector says Manish called us and requested us to get Naira here. Naira says I know, he did this so that we see Aditya’s truth. Everyone come. Inspector thanks Kartik and Kirti. He says Naira is innocent, we recorded Aditya’s statement. Manish says Kirti called me, I m so proud she showed courage. Kirti says I m so happy today, Kartik helped me again, thanks, Kartik saved me from new guilt. Naira thanks Manish for all this. Inspector says constable is outside, talk to him to ask anything. Aditya worries.

He says constable is outside, you all heard it right. Manish walks to him. He scares Aditya angrily. He says don’t dare to call me Papa, don’t dare to see any of my family member again. Kartik looks on. Naira smiles and sees Kartik. Kartik holds Kirti. Suwarna says we will leave now, we should be away from such people. Naira says wait a min, Kirti should get a chance to speak her heart. Suwarna says leave it, we will go. Naira says we will go after repaying him, Aditya should know Kirti is strong, she was silent for her family respect. Kartik says Kirti has rights to speak up, then she can move on. Naitik says yes, she should get rid of this burden. Kirti slaps Aditya.

Everyone looks on. Kirti says you don’t know what all you have broken, my heart, respect and confidence, you made me think that all fault is in me, I used to find fault in me instead you, today I want to throw this fear out, I want to end it, I also want to end this relation, there is nothing left between us now, no relation, fear and hope, its over, you don’t come in front of me again. Naira asks Kirti to come, bow head high and come. Kirti nods. Aditya looks on.

They all leave. Aditya asks Kirti to hear one thing before going, you can never keep anyone happy Kirti, who can understand you better than me, you have no qualities to keep relationships, you are a big time loser. Kirti cries and goes.

Dadi wards off bad sight from Naira. Kirti recalls Aditya’s words. Naira asks what are you thinking. Kirti says nothing. Akhilesh says thank God, problem is solved. Manish says we have to be alert, make sure Kirti does not go alone. Naira hugs Naksh and Naitik and thanks them for support. Naitik says you did everything, you showed courage and did not lose humanity in anger and hatred, I m proud of you. Naksh says even I m proud of you. Naitik reminds what Akshara said, good’s result can never be bad, don’t lose right path, both your families are with you. He asks Kirti to forget bad memories and move on. Naitik and Naksh leave.

Surekha asks Kirti to rest. Kirti gets a call and says its Aditya’s mom. Naira asks her to talk. Dadi worries. Kirti answers and gets silent. They all ask what did she say, anything wrong. Kirti says no, she was saying sorry, she said I did the right thing and she is with me. They all smile. Suwarna says she won our heart, she supported truth than son, our society needs such parents and inlaws. Dadi asks Kirti why is she crying, she should be happy, everything is happening right, we are happy for you, I know I did mistake in knowing Aditya and did injustice with you, now we will not let this happen. Suwarna wipes Kirti’s tears. Naira says I told everything will get fine. Kartik asks Kirti to have courage. Naira says you are so good, happiness can’t be away from you. Kirti recalls Aditya’s words.

Naira thanks Kartik. They start arguing. He says you can’t stay safe, I will lock you in safe custody this time when I go away. She says don’t go. They smile and hug.


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