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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with people filling form. Kartik asks Naira how did you get this good idea. Naksh says she is born in business family and got married in business family. Naira says no, credit does not go to me, Lord had to show path, my family is supportive, Naitik kept discount in jewelry store, and Naksh is giving discount in Krishna. Gayu says we did not collect fees yet, they can pay later. Naira says yes, fee is nominal. Gayu counts forms and says one form is less. They worry. Naira says everything will be pushed to next year. Kirti asks Mishti to give her a form. She fills the form.

She says I have bad memories with this surname, I thought to save some good memories while leaving it. She gives her form. They all smile. Naira thanks her. Naksh asks Gayu to come, they will deposit forms. Kartik says sorry Naira. She asks why. He says I could not support you completely, I should have told that man that we will try our best this year, see you found the way. She says its your support that I reached here. He says read the papers well, don’t do any mistake.

Dadi says yes Guru ji, I think its good that Naira’s dance academy did not open. Naira greets Dadi and says we got the chance. Kartik says Naira had strong determination, things had to get fine. Naira asks Dadi to have sugar free sweets. Dadi feeds sweets to Naira and goes.

Naira feeds sweets to Suwarna and thanks her. Suwarna says I wish you get all happiness in life, don’t worry for Dadi, just work hard, leave everything on Lord. Lav and Kush see the dance and ask will Naira dance this way. Dadi looks on. Suwarna says we change someone’s thinking by our hardwork, we should not force our wish on anyone, let Dadi do anything she feels right. Dadi switches off the tv. She asks kids to study. Suwarna says I know your dance competition final is on maha bhoj’s last day, I want everything to go well. Naira says I will do everything well. Suwarna says I know, but tell me if you need any help. Dadi says people will be laughing on us, Kirti’s marriage broke and Naira’s dance academy thing. Naira checks envelope. She reads about solo and couple dance. Gayu congratulates Naira. Naira says new problems came up, I did not read about performance details, solo and couple performances are written. Gayu asks are you mad to check this now, sorry, I got angry, I want you to fulfill Naitik’s dreams. Naira says how will I get partner, how to tell Dadi. Gayu says talk to Kartik first, we all are with you, all the best.

Naira says Kartik would be in office, shall I wait till he comes home. Kartik gets her call. She says I have sent you a email, please check, its related to academy, its urgent. Manager asks him to check papers. Kartik signs and gives papers. He says Naira I read everything, do as written. Naira asks sure, I love you Kartik. He says I will talk to you later.

Manish comes home. Suwarna says you came early today, why are you so happy. He says son is in front of eyes all day. I m very happy, Kartik fights with me. She asks what. He says I wanted to hear a word from him, and now we argue so well, sometimes I talk nonsense to hear him. She laughs and says the day he understands your love, you will be luckiest father. He says that day will come for sure. She says surely. They smile.

Naira says I have to tell you something about academy. Dadi says if Kartik knows, I don’t want to know. Naira says even then I have to say. Dadi says Kartik told me, you go and do your work, I won’t say anything. She gets a call. Naira says Dadi agreed as Kartik said, I know Dadi is not happy, sorry, I wish I could do something, I m helpless.

Its morning, Naira praises the dancer. Kartik comes to Singhania house and says I will meet my wife before going for another meeting, she may get annoyed that I m disturbing her but she may get happy too, I did not check her mail, I will ask her. He sees Naira dancing with a guy. He says so Naira was asking this, that she could dance with a guy or not, what’s there to say, its just dance. Everyone clap. They all praise. Naira says I have seen him in Rishikesh, people used to get mad seeing his dance. The guy says thanks.

They see Kartik. Naira runs to Kartik and hugs. She asks when did you come. He says just now, how are rehearsals going on. She says great, dance coordinator has sent the guy, with whom I used to compete in Rishikesh, I did not know I will get a good dancer like him. He wishes her all the best and gives flowers. Naira calls Kiran and introduces him. Kartik says you dance so well. Kiran says I wanted to make professional team with her, but she cheated me, why Tina. Kartik says not Tina, her real name is Naira, your wish and our purpose will be fulfilled, Naira’s dreams will be fulfilled. Kiran asks Naira to come soon. He sees them holding hands and goes. Naira talks about puja and maha bhoj. Kartik smiles and says you go for rehearsals, I have to run to office. She asks him to go by car, why to run. He smiles and says we will handle problems at home, go and practice. She goes. She whistles and stops him. She fixes a rose in her hair. Kartik smiles. He thinks if she is making me feel special today, what will she do tomorrow, I may die by excitement.

Naira comes home. Dadi asks maid to get lemon water for Naira. She asks Naira to go to room and rest. She says there is much work tomorrow. Naira says I had a request, like you do puja of office files, apply tilak to my dance file also, it has all details, if I get your blessings, my work will happen well. Dadi smiles and says I will do when I sit in puja tomorrow. Naira says thanks, check file and give suggestions for betterment. Dadi asks her to go and rest. Naira goes. Dadi opens file. Naira and Kiran’s pic falls. Dadi reads their names.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kartik says where did she go, we met one year before in Rishikesh on this day. He asks Naira is it special day. She says Dadi said red rose is auspicious. He goes and says she does not care for me.