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Yeh Teri Galiyan: A huge shocker awaits for Puchki


Yeh Teri Galiyan Upcoming Story: A huge shocker awaits for Puchki (Vrushika Mehta) in Sonagachi

ZEE TV daily soap Yeh Teri Galiyan is gearing for a challenging time in Puchki’s life.So far we have seen that how Beauty burns Shantanu’s books and copies because Shantanu failed to bring hair dye for her on time.Where Puchki takes revenge from Beauty, she cuts off her new expensive dress and rejoices the moment but as soon as Beauty finds Puchki with the knife, she gets furious on Puchki.

And thus Beauty takes a drastic step to teach a lesson to Puchki.Puchki to be sold off,Evil Beauty crosses all limits of humanity and calls some buyer for Puchki.Where she captivates Puchki in a room and fixes a deal with two guys and sells Puchki to them, Puchki finds herself stuck in huge trouble while Shantanu also fails to save her.Shantanu and Puchki’s friendship seems to be perfect and everything is also going good.

Puchki doesn’t like what is going on in sonagachi as how girls are dragged into business to earn money.Shantanu promises Puchki that he will not let anything happen to her and will get her out of this bad world.Beauty attempts to sell off Puchki,Shantanu’s promise brings new ray of hope for Puchki as she had full faith over Shantanu, Puchki and Shantanu’s this promise will soon be ruined.

Beauty tries to punish Puchki for trying to runaway and thus attempts to sell her off.Will Shantanu let Beauty get successful in her plan to sell off Puchki,Will Shantanu be able to save his Puchki?

Or Puchki has to go through a trauma? Stay tuned with us for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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