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Zara and Kabeer’s ego clashes to get certain

Nilofer witty move to separate Kabir Zoya to herself leave Kabir


Kabeer and Zara love each other a lot. They have a moment. Zara is testing his love. She has filed the case against Kabeer, while fighting for the women rights. Their ideologies don’t match. They have a sweet talk before the meeting. They get against when the Shariah board meeting goes on. Zara tells them that women can also worship in the Mosque. She expects Kabeer to support her and understand her one day. The decision gets in Zara’s favor when she justifies her request. Kabeer gets displeased with the decision. He strongly opposes Zara’s mindset. Zara doesn’t want their clashes to affect their personal life.

Zara and other women offer prayers in the Mosque by having a cloth partition. Kabeer gets upset with Zara for going against him and his ethics. He feels women shouldn’t offer Namaaz in the Mosque. She proves that women are given this right by Lord, as women and men are equal in front of the Lord. She tells him that society shouldn’t get biased. They both are fighting for their own causes. He doesn’t talk to her. Their ego clashes makes them apart. She wants Kabeer to have a broad mindset. She tries that her marriage relationship doesn’t spoil.

On a contrary note, Nilofer is playing her dirty games to crack Kabir and Zara’s relation.And the fight between Kabir and Zara goes ugly when Zara wins Women right in Mosque and Kabir’s ego gets hurt.Though the family is happy that Zara stood for Women right, Kabir got pissed off with Zara.Zara confesses love to Kabir,Rukhsar and Nilofer who are finding any opportunity to ignite fire amid Kabir and Zara will get a chance to instigate Kabir.

Kabir’s ego is hurt because Zara proved right and he proved wrong, that Rukhsar teases Kabir saying Kabir got popularity because of Zara who won.Though Kabir gets rude towards Zara, Zara confesses her love to Kabir and tries to cheer him up.But who knew that one day Zara will herself back out from this marriage when Kabir will not understand Zara and will misunderstand Zara.

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