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Ishq Subhan Allah(Upcoming Twist): Zara get back home successful Kabir refuses love , Zara decodes Shahbaz conspiracy


Ishq Subhan Allah: Nilofer bribe media to spice up Kabir (Adnan Khan) Zara (Eisha Singh) divorce matter

Zee TV’s love story Ishq Subhan Allah is up with some high voltage drama with some exciting twist in tale.As seen, Kabir shock everyone by giving triple talaq to Zara leaving her shattered.Moreover, Nilofer take advantage of the situation and leak the news to media to ruin their dignity.However, this doesn’t break Zara and she walk back to Kabir’s house claiming her right.Surprisingly, it will be revealed that triple talaq was Kabir’s plan to get Zara back home without hurting his ego.Zara’s detective nose smell Nilofer’s rotting mind,Also, Kabir wanted to test if Zara would stand up for their relation just like she stood up for woman rights.As planned Zara will save her marriage by exposing Nilofer and Miraj dirty mind.

Now it will be interesting to see how Nilofer, Zeenat, Miraj and Ruksar feel dejected by Kabir Zara’s reunion.Shockingly Kabir will not be able to take his defeat and gives Talaq to Zara in front of his entire family.Interestingly Zara will not take Kabir’s decision and will challenge him as during their nikaah Zara had make him sign legal documents that evokes his right to give triple talaq to her.Zara will go back to Kabir’s house and fights for her rights.

Zara and Kabir are divorced as per triple talaq while Zara returns to Ahmad house and claims that she is not divorced with Kabir.Zeenat asks Zara to not enter house as she cannot come back after divorce while Zara gives answer to her.Zara returns for revenge,Zara tells Kabir that triple talaq is not legal and thus they are not divorced legally, Kabir gets angry hearing this and leaves.Zara returns to her room while this time Zara has returned for revenge against Kabir and had killed her love as Kabir’s step had hurt her and her family.

Kabir had given triple talaq to Zara and Zara decides to fight back while Nilofer plays her game.Nilofer leaks out this news in media and thus Kabir is irked and thinks that it is done by Zara and is too angry.All media are accusing Kabir for it and stands by Zara, Zara also marks dhamakedar entry in Ahmad house and refuses to accept this divorce.

Zara and Kabir’s major clash over divorce

Zara refuses to accept this divorce as triple talaq is not valid and Zara thus refuses to accept that she and Kabir are divorced.While now Zara will also learn Shahbaz’s motive and for supporting Kabir in this as he wants to snatch her father Irfan’s qazi position from him by giving excuse of his ill health and other reasons.

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