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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Update: AJ refuses to accept Guddan, Guddan and AJ’s wedding dhamaka


Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: Guddan (Kanika Mann) and AJ’s (Nishant Malkani) suhagraat dhamaka, Parv’s mission accomplished

The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular daily soap Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega is up for high voltage drama.AJ and Shewta are getting married as Guddan had refused for this marriage while major bride swap dhamaka will take place.This bride swap dhamaka will happen where Guddan will swap Shewta at wedding mandap and will sit to get married to AJ.

Guddan and AJ gets married although no one is aware of it while this blast of truth will happen as the wedding gets completed.Guddan and AJ’s wedding dhamaka,Guddan had refused to marry AJ and everything is going smoothly while AJ and Shewta’s wedding had been fixed.Here Parv plays his evil conspiracy against Guddan and blackmails her to marry AJ nor her sisters life will be in danger.Guddan is left with no option and thus plans dramatic bride swap to get married to AJ to save her sisters life.

Guddan and AJ’s marriage

Guddan thus plans bride swap and gets married to AJ although AJ and family is unaware of this.AJ is shocked while Guddan claims herself as AJ’s wife and had done this just for her sister who is under Parv’s trap.Shewta and AJ’s marriage had been fixed after major drama and twist, while this wedding will not happen as expected.Guddan will make a bang on entry where she will swap Shewta in wedding mandap and will get married to AJ.

This will come as a shock for AJ and his family, Guddan bow claims himself as AJ’s bride and this sparks anger.Guddan and AJ had clash but Guddan is being part of Parv’s conspiracy as he had blackmailed Guddan for this wedding.Guddan had married AJ to save her sister, now it’s time for Guddan and AJ’s suhagraat which will turn on new dhamaka.Akshat and Guddan’s life will face a major showdown post wedding.Akshat (Nishant Singh Malkani) is shocked to find Guddan (Kanika Mann) as his wife instead of Shweta.

Akshat misunderstands Guddan that she once again betrayed him while Guddan married Akshat just to save her sister Revti’s life.This major mishap will knock in a shocking twist when Akshat will refuse to accept Guddan as his wife.Dadi accepts Guddan confesses destiny game,Akshat and Guddan’s relationship will face a drastic storm when Akshat will refuse to accept her as his wife,

Akshat chooses Guddan as his to be wife but things doesn’t come in favor and their wedding alliance meets end.Akshat is about to marry Shweta but interestingly Guddan marries Akshat replacing Shweta in wedding mandap where now Guddan’s big step will bring a drastic havoc in storyline.

Akshat and Guddan’s bitter relationship

Akshat and the family everyone is hell shocked to see Guddan as bride,Where Akshat gets furious on Guddan for cheating on him, Guddan hides the matter that why she married Akshat against her own will.

Will Akshat accept Guddan as his wife?Will Guddan reveal the reason behind marrying him?It would be quite interesting to watch further Akshat and Guddan’s battle amid unspoken misunderstandings and how they will groove love.

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