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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Update: Revti’s life in danger, Revti’s murder and Mysterious blackmailer trapped Guddan


Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: Revti’s murder and Mysterious blackmailer traps Guddan steps to kill AJ’s new wife

Coming up grand galore of wedding in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega will bring deady twists and turns in Guddan’s life.Jindal Bahus break Akshat and Guddan’s wedding alliance whereafter a mysterious blackmailer turns to trap Guddan in a big game.Akshat is now going to marry another girl Shweta but things will not go as smooth as we expected.The Mysterious blackmailer will stab Revti amid video call wherein Guddan will get shocked to see Revti in injured critical state, she will track down Revti’s location through the video which is shockingly inside AJ’s house.

Guddan sacrifices life for Revti

The Blackmailer will ask Guddan to replace Shweta in wedding mandap and get married to Akshat.Where AJ Guddan alliance already got broken, she will now sacrfice her life and happiness to save Revti’s life whose life is in danger.Guddan will hit Akshat’s to be wife Shweta and will make her unconscious whereafter she will replace Shweta in mandap to marry Akshat.

Jindal Bahus will finally get succeed in breaking AJ and Guddan’s wedding alliance,Meanwhile, Akshat’s wedding alliance will get fixed with Shweta and Guddan will take back seat as she herself never wanted to marry AJ.But the twist in tale will get unfold on wedding day when a video call will change Guddan’s whole life.

Revti’s life in danger

Akshat and Shweta are getting married where Shweta gets ready in bridal attire for wedding.But as soon as Guddan gets Goons video call in which Revti is stabbed ruthlessly, Guddan is shocked to track the location which is of AJ’s house.Jindal Bahus will insult Guddan for again coming to their house but Guddan will push them and will enter Guddan house to save Revti.

It would be seen that Guddan will hit Shweta and will replace her in wedding mandap just to save her sister Revti’s life from the mysterious killer.Who is the mysterious blackmailer behind this huge conspiracy against Guddan?

What will happen post wedding?It would be quite interesting to watch how Guddan and Akshat will get married.

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