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Haasil 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update

Ranvir Attempts To Kill Kabir


Haasil 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 13th February 2018 Episode Start With Aanchal throws the wine glass which Kabir is driving and says it have poison. Kabir says who have added it. Ranvir comes and says I….He says Aanchal tried to poisoned me and that’s why I have poisoned you. Kabir is shocked. Ranvir says he will kill everyone who will come to his way to Aanchal. He says Kabir has to die and tells him that Jatin is waiting for you. Aanchal asks Ranvir to give him antidote. Ranvir says you have just 30 mins, and says if you give him antidote then he will be saved. He says if Kabir is alive then it is your destiny else mine. Aanchal asks Kabir to get up and gives him her promise.

Ranvir says since childhood I was his strength. He asks Kabir if he is right and gives his hand. Kabir holds his hand and gets up. He says you was my life. Ranvir says I have right on your life. Aanchal asks him to come. Kabir asks Ranvir to hug him for last time and says till now your love was my strength but from today your betrayal is my strength. Aanchal takes Kabir from there. Ranvir shouts and cries.

Kabir spits blood. Aanchal asks him to keep his eyes open and blames herself. She sees Ranvir’s goon following their car and punctures the tyre shooting at it. Aanchal asks them to move from her way. Goon says we got money to take him from here and asks Aanchal to go. They hold Aanchal. Kabir comes out of car and fights with the goon, but they hit him with rods. Aanchal cries and runs to cover him. She gets beaten up too.

Kabir protects her and gets beaten. He apologizes to her. Aanchal says you have to take revenge. Ranvir comes and pushes him on cart. Aanchal asks him to leave him. Ranvir says he is punishing him for touching his wife. He ties Kabir’s hands and legs, pours kerosene oil on him and asks Aanchal to give him fire. Aanchal shouts and cries badly. Ranvir says it is a sin to stop soul from reaching God. They lock Kabir in closed chamber. Ranvir holds Aanchal’s hand and lights fire to the chamber. Aanchal shouts and cries.


Haasil 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranvir brings Aanchal in critical state and asks Dr. Agnihotri to save her. Dr. Agnihotri says she is serious and only God can save her now. Ranvir is shocked.