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Ikyawann 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Leela Puts Susheel In Trouble


Ikyawann 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 25th May 2018 Episode Start With Leela scaring everyone by the video. She says this is just a garland, not a rope, don’t worry, no one values me there, I will not come back, its all gone out of hands, now I have to do something big. Fighter Didi scolds Leela. Leela says control your emotions, I have nothing to do with you, you aren’t my family. She asks Satya to think this is a garland that’s for final rites, I promise you, this time I won’t make any mistakes. Kali asks Leela not to do anything, leave Susheel.

Sejal says yes, leave her, we won’t talk to her. Satya says we will send her to her house, just come back. Fighter Didi says I will take Susheel with me, away from Satya. Leela argues. She says wow, you did good try to find me, you have played many games, you have 30 mins time to solve a riddle, if you succeed, you will get Susheel, else reach the graveyard to see her. Fighter Didi says Leela won’t kill Susheel, she knows no one will save her if she kills her. Satya says we accept whatever you say, Dadi will leave Susheel if we solve the puzzle. Leela says sure, I will tell you very soon what to do.

Fighter Didi says Satya, she is just fooling us. Leela says Satya is innocent to believe everything I say. She sees Susheel tied up. Satya asks what can we do, we are helpless, we are prone to make mistakes, we got a chance to play this game and save her, life is not a wrestling match, I m ready to fall as many times as needed to save Susheel. They pray. Leela says the real God in this house is me, the one who is going to decide Susheel’s life, lets begin the puzzle. She sends a parcel and says you will find the game info inside. Satya says Susheel’s life depends on this box, please support us. Satya reads the clue and reads the other chit. He says its a race against time. He reads the riddle and tries to find Susheel. Sejal says I know to open locks, I have to be smart if I have to deal with Leela. They open the cupboard and get another clue. Satya says this is the clue. He asks Jhanno to get some clue from storeroom.

Jhanno says we didn’t get anything there. Kali says we shall check photos, they are also deceptive. Satya sees the time. He says reflection, its also an illusion. Sejal says we need a mirror, we don’t have enough time. Satya moves the mirror and sees a secret door. Leela says my family is smart, when the door opens, Susheel will get burnt, I have to go. She leaves. Susheel struggles. Satya says I will open the door. Fighter Didi asks him to be careful, they can be doing wrong.

Satya opens the door. Rope gets pulled. They see the fire. Jhanno rushes to get water. She sees Leela leaving from Satya’s room. Satya shouts Susheel. They blow off the fire. They don’t see Susheel. Satya says this is the same garland. He shouts Susheel. He asks where did Dadi go, her laptop is here. Sejal says maybe this was connected to the door, so fire was lit, maybe Dadi did this for Susheel. Kali says maybe Susheel got saved and ran away. Satya worries. Leela says my revenge has been fulfilled, none can go against me, I will have to do something. She laughs.


Ikyawann 26th May 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Sejal says we will reach you any how, I will send you to police. Leela shoots someone….