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Internet Wala Love Update: Aadhya Samrat get engaged, Samrat plays dirty game


Jai cracks ultimatum of one week Aadhya Samrat get engaged in Internet Wala Love

Colors daily soap Internet Wala Love is up for another major twist in the show.Samrat and Aadhya’s engagement announcement pissed off Jai at hell that now he determines to prove Aadhya not worth for Samrat and their family.

While Aadhya doesn’t love Samrat, she agrees to marry Samrat for her family’s prestige who have confessed for the alliance.Jai will execute his witty move and will bring Aadhya’s ex-boyfriend in pooja and will shock everyone exposing Aadhya’s greed for money for which she left her ex and agreed to Samrat’s proposal.

And the drama will not end by here only, Jai and Aadhya will have a major clash in front of their families.

Samrat plays dirty game

Samrat will take stand for Aadhya’s prestige against Jai.Where Samrat will once again win Aadhya’s love, Let see what will happen next in the show.

If Jai will fail to break Samrat Aadhya’s engagement, tune in to for more upcoming updates and latest news.