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Internet Wala Love Update: Aadhya’s past Affair drama in Aadhya Samrat’s engagement


Internet Wala Love: Aadhya’s ex-boyfriend huge drama in Aadhya Samrat’s engagement ceremony

Coming up grand pooja in Aadhya’s house will hatch a big twist in the show Internet Wala Love.Dadu announces Samrat and Aadhya’s engagement ceremony while before engagement, he announce pooja in Aadhya’s house/.

And this unveils a big twist as Jai plans to knock out Aadhya from Samrat’s life before the could get engaged.

Jai crosses besharmi limit

Jai shocks everyone in pooja by introducing Aadhya’s ex-boyfriend.Where Aadhya herself stands shocked, Jai insults Aadhya before his family that Aadhya ditched her boyfriend and trapped Samrat for money.

Let see what will be Aadhya’s reaction to Jai’s dirty conspiracy.Tune in to for more upcoming updates and latest news.