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Internet Wala Love Update: Samrat publicly abuses and tortures


Internet Wala Love: Samrat publicly abuses and tortures Aadhya Jai takes drastic step

Upcoming high voltage melodrama in Colors daily soap Internet Wala Love will bring a tough time for Aadhya to deal with her life new problems.Jai has learned his internet friend real identity that she is none other than Aadhya whom he hates at hell.

But when Jai is already facing a traumatic time realizing Aadhya’s real identity,There Samrat visits Aadhya’s office and ruthlessly tortures Aadhya forth office staff which leaves Jai shocked.

Jai and Aadhya’s new dilemma

Samrat lashes out at Aadhya and abuses her forcing his rights on Aadhya,While Samrat investigates Aadhya phone, Samrat calls himself as her fiancee’ while the engagement ceremony is yet to be performed, Samrat twists Aadhya hand which leaves Jai furious.

Will Jai take stand for Aadhya?Or he will avoid interrupting in Samrat Aadhya’s life?Let see if Jai Aadhya realize Samrat evil identity before it gets too late.

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