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Internet Wala Love Update:Jai digs out cryptic link amid Aadhya, Jai in deep trauma


Internet Wala Love: Jai took big step digs out a cryptic link amid Aadhya and Internet Friend

Upcoming interesting storyline in Internet Wala Love will bring Jai (Shivin Narang) and Aadhya (Tunisha Sharma) close together.Earlier seen that how Jai and Aadhya face their heated arguments beside they are strong friends on internet unaware of their real identity.

And this unveils a huge shock for Jai when he comes on date to meet his Internet Friend (Aadhya) and gets shocked to see Aadhya in cafe at the same table where he put gifts for his Internet Friend.

Jai in deep trauma

Jai is going through a deep trauma after he realized the truth that Aadhya is only his internet friend,Where Aadhya is unaware of her internet Friend being Jai only, Jai wreaks his havoc over his destiny who only choose Aadhya as his Internet Wali Friend.

Will Jai continue his friendship with Aadhya?Will Jai realize a sweet and caring soul inside Aadhya?Let see what will happen next in the show.

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