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Ishq Mein Marjawan : Deep kills Chawanni, Arohi’s lusty love trap


Ishq Mein Marjawan Shocking: Deep kills Chawanni dead for a big Reason Revealed

It seems that Colors TV Show Ishq Mein Marjawan will once again leave viewers to wonder about Deep’s real identity.Where Deep has disguised Tara as Aarohi and is living with Tara, Chawanni, and Aarohi’s fake mother.Tara gets furious when she finds that her mother aka Aarohi’s fake mother is keeping spy eye on her and is giving all the information to Deep.Furious Tara cuts Aarohi’s mother thumb, while she gives deadly warning to her, Chawanni witnesses all this and gets scared.

Chawanni has finally learned Tara and Aarohi’s truth, where Deep gets incensed anger on Tara for commiting a blunder mistake, Deep takes a drastic step to shut Chawanni’s mouth.Chawanni’s life in danger,Deep plays hide n seek with Chawanni, where Chawanni is unaware of Deep’s evil truth, he enjoys the game while shockingly Deep holds Chawanni in his lap and throws him down from the terrace.Aarohi has finally decided to take Anjali’s disguise and find out the truth,She is shocked to know that Virat is Anjali’s boyfriend and now he has returned back.

Where Virat loves Anjali aka Anju (Aarohi), Aarohi will now take advantage of this situation and will play her master plan against Deep.Aarohi ploys her master plan,Aarohi will now be planning her master game to trap Deep in his own plan,Where unaware Deep will assume that Aarohi is dead and Anjali is alive, it would be very interesting to watch how Virat and Anjali aka Aarohi’s love story will create new problems for Deep.Aarohi reaches Anjali house where shockingly Virat also entered there and hugs Aarohi and addresses her as Anjali.However where amid all this Deep killed Sudha and Tara is showering her terror against everyone, while Chwani gets clue against her.Deep Tara deadly against Chwani.

However where at this point Deep get shocked knowing that Chwani is also aware of truth Anjali being Aarohi where duo planned to kill Chwani too.Virat is too happy to see Anjali and assumes Arohi as his Anjali and takes her home.Arohi now plans to use this opportunity against Tara and Deep and to take revenge from them.Arohi is in more pain knowing that Deep is the mastermind behind all this and wants to find the reason.Arohi’s trap for Virat.

Arohi thus enacts to be Virat’s Anjali and uses her love and lust trap to use Virat against Arohi and end their game.Will Arohi be able to get successful in her plan against Tara and will Virat turn Arohi’s puppet.Will Chawanni survive his life? Or Chawanni had to sacrifice his life?

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