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Ishq Mein Marjawan Update: Arohi gets kidnapped, Arohi Deep’s new trouble


Ishq Mein Marjawan: New mysterious killer attacks Surekha captivates Virat Tara Aarohi

The story of love and revenge is getting more intense in Colors daily soap Ishq Mein Marjawan.Where Surekha knows the truth and meets Aarohi to disclose everything…Surekha leaves from there just when Deep arrives.And this unfolds another big twist when Surekha calls Virat, Tara, Aarohi at a same place to reveal the truth and expose the real mastermind behind all this conspiracy.But then only a mysterious killer arrives on bike and ruthlessly murders Surekha leaving Virat, Tara, Aarohi shocked at hell.

Aarohi Tara Vira in major fix

Where Deep is missing, Aarohi Virat and Tara’s doubt comes on Deep that maybe Deep only killed Surekha.Surekha’s murder mystery is getting more intense where Virat Tara and Aarohi trio get stuck in a huge conspiracy.Arohi and Deep’s story seems to take new turn, Deep had saved Arohi from Tara’s deadly plan.

Arohi also learns the fact that Deep had betrayed her and had done all just to safeguard her and her thinking changes.While Arohi is still not ready to fully trust Deep after what all he had done to her and is not ready to get another betrayal.

Arohi’s doubt over Deep,Arohi thus makes plan to use Virat and Tara against Deep and goes to talk to them and instigate them against Deep.Arohi’s this plan backfires and things goes out of hand and thus Tara and Virat captivates Arohi and warns her.Arohi is confused seeing how Deep is reacting, Deep sometimes seems to be too concerned for her while at other time he is towards Tara.

Arohi couldn’t understand what the real Deep is and what is he hiding or trying to do.Arohi thus decides to go to Deep and Tara and tells them that Deep is playing games with them.

Tara and Virat captivates Arohi,Tara and Virat who are bloodthirsty against Arohi gets this opportunity and attacks over Arohi and captivates her.Will Arohi be able to get out of this trap and save herself, or Virat and Tara will make yet another attempt to kill Arohi.Let see what will happen next in the show, and if Deep is real mastermind behind all this conspiracy.

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