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Ishq Mein Marjawan Update: Deep’s to rescues Aarohi, Aarohi and Deep in big trap


Ishq Mein Marjawan: Deep’s intelligent move to rescue Aarohi from Virat Tara’s deadly web

The real battle will begin now when Virat and Tara will cunningly trap Aarohi and Deep in their big fat conspiracy.Virat and Tara both will stand Aarohi against Deep and will make her believe that Deep betrayed her love by planning his trip to Dubai with his mom Vasundhara.Aarohi will also believe Deep’s hand behind Surekha’s murder that now she will help Tara and Virat.

But the real conspiracy will now get exposed when Tara Virat will kidnap Aarohi misleading Deep and Deep will also fail to protect Aarohi.

Virat Tara’s cunning game

Virat and Tara’s mind game will cunningly trap Deep and Aarohi where they will captivate Aarohi,Deep smartly executes his big plotting against Aarohi, Virat, Tara where he gets Surekha killed.Meanwhile, Virat, Tara, and Aarohi get a envelope from Surekha while Surekha reveals that Deep is going to Dubai with his Mom Vasundhara tonight.

Virat Tara turn revengeful against Deep and now plan to flop his master plan.

Aarohi and Deep in big trap

Aarohi also feels that Deep betrayed her once again and will lastly end up helping Virat and Tara.Virat Tara will trap Deep and will point gun at him exposing his witty conspiracy.But the twist in tale is that it was all Virat and Tara’s conspiracy to knock out Aarohi from there way where eventually they will now kidnap Aarohi,

It would be quite interesting to watch Aarohi’s next move after she got stuck in Tara Virat’s game.It would be highly intense to watch how Deep will now play his intelligent move to rescue Aarohi from Virat and Tara’s deadly web.

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