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Ishq Subhan Allah: Miraj to broadcast Kabir Zara’s divorce, Zara-Zeenat’s cold war continues


Ishq Subhan Allah: Out of jealousy, Miraj broadcast Kabir Zara’s divorce status

In the upcoming story of ZEE TV popular show Ishq Subhan Allah loyal viewers will get to witness shocking twist as Miraj (Gautam Vig) broadcast Kabir (Adnan Khan) Zara’s (Eisha Singh) divorce status.It was earlier seen that Kabir and Zara are making best out of their remaining days of togetherness.Kabir and Zara are madly in love with each other where the duo does not want to get separated.However, the devil world is not in favour of Kabir and Zara where the evils leave no stone unturned to separate the lovers.Amongst all, Miraj is the one of the biggest devil who attempts to kill the duo.Zara manages to save Kabir from Miraj’s evil plan

Surprisingly, smart Zara manages to save both Zara and Kabir which Miraj fails to digest.Miraj will thus broadcast about Kabir and Zara being divorced but still romancing each other publicly.Zara goes to the kitchen for making food and Kabir goes out of the house for attending the meeting in Sharia Board.Just then Zeenat comes to the kitchen and she taunts Zara that she feels pity for her as after making so much of efforts she will not be able to save her marriage with Kabir.Zara’s karara jawab to Zeenat shuts her mouth

Zara has decided that she will ignore Zeenat’s taunts and take it in a casual way, therefore, she replies back to Zeenat that it can also happen that Kabir gets married to her again.Zeenat gets irked and goes from there, Zara gets happy and continues to make food in the kitchen.Zara knows Miraj’s intentions and thus tries to shield Kabir from him, Miraj insist to go sharia board with Kabir.Zara is doubtful over Miraj’s intentions and there all reaches sharia board and Miraj greets everyone and tries to influence them with his sweet talks.Zara and Kabir’s secret talks

Zara is worried and takes Kabir to side and tries to tell him that Miraj shouldn’t have come here as it’s against sharia board rules.Zara tells Kabir that it’s not the place to launder around, while Irfan comes and greets the board and asks Miraj to leave.

Let’s see how Zara tackles Miraj this time giving him a fitting reply.

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