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Ishq Subhan Allah update: Kabir stuck in Fahad’s chakarvyuh, Humdan’s murder mystery


Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir (Adnan Khan) struggles to save Rukhsar (Shipsy Rana), Humdan’s murder mystery turns gross

The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular daily soap Ishq Subhan Allah is up for high voltage drama.Kabir had gone to Dubai and is trying all ways to prove Rukhsar’s innocence but nothing seems to work in their favor.Kabir don’t know what to do as he had only found the fact that Humdan wasn’t happy with this marriage.

Humdan had also started a business and tries to get clue from his business partner and asks Rukhsar about it.

Kabir’s trouble to save Rukhsar

Kabir thus reaches and meets Fahad who was a business partner with Humdan and tries to seek help but will not get any support from him.Kabir is trying to rescue Rukhsar from Humdan’s murder mystery and tries to get clue but couldn’t find anything.

While a mystery man is also following Kabir and keeping eye over him, Kabir soon decodes that some chakarvyuh is set to trap them.Kabir now reaches Humdan’s business partner Fahad who pretends to be good but is the real mastermind behind all this.

Fahad and Kabir’s new fiasco

Fahad had set a chakarvyuh for Kabir so that they may not get Rukhsar out and had done all this for the business.Will Kabir be able to reach Fahad’s this truth and save Rukhsar from this trapWill Kabir be able to prove Rukhsar’s innocence and get her back to India to the family.

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