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Ishq Subhan Allah Update: Zara’s divorce for Kabir, Life-Savior Kabeer to threaten Ruksar


Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara (Eisha Singh) gives divorce to Kabir post learning Rukhsar, Kabir’s (Adnan Khan) nikaah truth

The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular daily soap Ishq Subhan Allah is up for some interesting twist and drama.Zara is too happy with Kabir and Rukhsar’s return and hugs Rukhsar, Zeenat is too happy with the fact.While this isn’t the end up just the beginning of new trouble for Zara, Rukhsar is adamant to reveal her nikaah truth to Zara.

Kabir had given warning to Rukhsar that she will not reveal this truth to anyone but Rukhsar will not stop.Kabeer and Ruksar come home. Zeenat gets much happy seeing her sister fine. She hugs Ruksar and feels fortunate to meet her. She gets grateful to Kabeer and Zara, for making Ruksar’s return possible by their big efforts. Zeenat gives a grand welcome to Ruksar. Ruksar hides about the marriage on Kabeer’s insistence. Ruksar tries to threaten Kabeer about their marriage news. She teases him and romances.

Kabeer warns her to stay away and remember the fact that he married her just to save her life. He clears to her that Zara is his world, and he just loves her. Ruksar doesn’t want to get dressed as a widow. She asks Kabeer if she should stay a widow life, or as his wife. She gets in trauma when Kabeer rejects her love. Ruksar wants to tell everyone about the marriage, and not live as Hamdam’s widow.

Kabir and Zara’s new trouble

Rukhsar uses her trick to reveal this shocking truth to Zara and now Zara will take shocking step.Zara will be shattered and will take step to give divorce to Kabir after learning the fact that Kabir had nikaah with Rukhsar and had hidden this truth from her.

Kabeer tells Ruksar that he can married her to save her life, but he can take her life to save his love for Zara. He gets hurting Ruksar’s heart. He tells her that he can do anything for Zara. He angrily stops her from her cheap act. He says I will kill you if you tell everyone about our marriage. Ruksar didn’t expect him to be so rude. He tells her that she can’t tell anything to Zeenat. Ruksar doesn’t want to listen to her. Ruksar reveals the big news to Zeenat. She tells Zeenat how Kabeer has married her to save her from the jail. She asks Zeenat to help her, and make Zara away from Kabeer.

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