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Ishq Subhan Allah Update: Zara’s insult awakens Kabir’s ego,Zara decodes Shahbaz’s divide and rule


The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular daily soap Ishq Subhan Allah is up for high voltage drama.

Kabeer and Kashan forget their differences. They dine together and share a laugh. Zara comes there and shocks them, wearing beggar’s clothes. Ruksar rushes to Kabeer and asks him to see what clothes Zara is wearing. Zara changes her avatar. Ruksar ignites the fire. Kabeer scolds Zara. He angrily throws the glasses. Zeenat asks Zara if she wants the property share, if she wants to divide the house. Zara wanted to talk to Kabeer about her employment. She doesn’t want Kabeer to live on his dad’s earnings. She wants Kabeer to have a career of his own. She tries to open Kabeer’s eyes. He asks her to swear and accept that her needs are fulfilled in this house.

Zara asks Kabeer to earn money for her and family. Zeenat asks Zara does she think that Kabeer is a beggar. Zara tells Zeenat that even beggars return home with some money. She gets taunting Kabeer for being totally useless. This hurts Kabeer’s ego. He asks her to stop the nonsense.

Zara has realised that Shahbaz is playing divide and rule with his both dons Kabir and Shahbaz.Zara decides to not let Kabir fall in this and make him realise that religion and practical life both are important.

Zara wants Kabir to become successful in both spares and realise importance of all.

Zara and Kabir’s new trouble

Zara thus takes drastic decision to stay in servant quarters and says that she will live upto the standards of her husband.Zara tells Kabir that he doesn’t earn anything and thus he will stay as a servant and will lead a simple life.

Kabir and Kashan had bitter clash and this destroys the peace of Ahmad house and Shahbaz can’t let this happen.Shahbaz thus plays divide and rule and uses both Kabir and Kashan, Shahbaz says something good to Kabir and then to Kashan and plays divide and rule.

Zara and Kabir’s big clash

Zara is not ready to let this happen as Shahbaz is using Kabir to fulfil his dream and is destroying Kabir fate.Shahbaz says this isn’t a beggar’s house, and ill-mannered people like you shouldn’t stay here. Kabeer tells Zara that he always looked after her needs. Zara tells him that she doesn’t want any money or share from the property. She wants to live in the house, according to her husband’s status. She doesn’t want Kabeer to live on his dad’s support. She wants to make him independent. Zeenat tries to provoke Kabeer against Zara. Zara doesn’t deter and sticks to her opinion. Kabeer argues with her and justifies that its wrong if any son lives with his dad’s support.

Zara now decides to give a reality check to Kabir that he needs to earn money and work towards life.

Will this awaken Kabir’s ego and make him follow right path, stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes

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