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Ishq Subhan Allah Update: Zeenat turns hurdle for Rukhsar, Rukhsar’s nikaah truth unfolds


Ishq Subhan Allah: Zeenat (Shipsy Rana) turns hurdle for Rukhsar, shields Zara (Eisha Singh) and Kabir’s love

The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular daily soap Ishq Subhan Allah is up for high voltage drama.Rukhsar is adamant to destroy Zara and Kabir’s happiness, Rukhsar had gone mad to get Kabir.Zeenat tries to talk to Rukhsar and stop her from doing anything like that but Rukhsar is not ready to give up.

Rukhsar tells Zeenat to not come in her way, while Zeenat is determined to stop Rukhsar and not let Rukhsar destroy Zara, Kabir’s happiness this time.Zeenat and Rukhsar’s clash,Zeenat and Rukhsar stands against each other in this, Rukhsar’s madness although scares Zeenat.Zara and Kabir’s life seems to take new turn, Zara and Kabir are married and happy while Rukhsar can’t see this happening.

Zara and Kabir are all set to consummate their marriage but Rukhsar will spoil their this dream.While now it’s time for Walima ceremony, Zara and Kabir’s reception party is organised and Rukhsar has a big plan.

Zara and Kabir’s walima ceremony

Rukhsar plans to use this as an opportunity to reveal to everyone that she and Kabir are married and had their nikaah in dubai.Zeenat on other hand is trying to stop Rukhsar from taking any step and don’t want Zara and Kabir’s happiness to get destroyed.Zara and Kabir’s walima ceremony is organized after wedding, although Rukhsar manages to ruin Zara and Kabir’s suhagraat.

Zara and Kabir are happy to be together and comes for walima ceremony, Zara and Kabir’s this walima will be full of drama and dhamaka.Rukhsar plans to expose her and Kabir’s nikaah truth amid this ceremony and manages to do so.

Zara and Kabir’s walima with twist of dhamaka

Zara and everyone is shocked while nothing works as per Rukhsar’s plan as Zara supports Kabir over all this.Zara tells Rukhsar that Kabir did nikaah to her to save her life and she is doing all this while Zara drags Rukhsar and throws her out of house.Zara and Kabir’s suhagraat gets ruined by fire breakout while Zara is unaware that it is Rukhsar who had done this.

Kabir fears that it is Rukhsar’s evil game to keep him away from Zara, while now Aisha arranges walima for Zara, Kabir.Zara and Kabir gets ready for walima ceremony while Zara is scared and tells Kabir that she is scared of unknown.Zara’s fear of unknown,Zara tells Kabir that she feels as if someone is keeping eye over them and wants to harm them.

Kabir is in dilemma as he knows that it is Rukhsar who is playing games against them.Will Zeenat be able to stop Rukhsar from taking abrupt steps, stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes only