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Ishq Subhan Allah Update:Zara VS Rukhsar’s open war, Ruksar’s lies further troubles


Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara verses Rukhsar’s (Shipsy Rana) open war, Zeenat supports Zara (Eisha Singh)

The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular daily soap Ishq Subhan Allah is up for high voltage drama.Zara is shattered after the shocking news, while Zara’s parents are against Kabir and asks Zara to come home with them.While Zara refuses and is ready to fight this battle against Rukhsar and is not ready to let her win.Zara comes to some cafe with Imran and Reema.

They plan to make Kabeer and Zara talk. When Kabeer comes there, Zara sees him and tries to leave. Zara finds her friends gone. She asks them to open the door. Kabeer tries to talk to Zara. She vents her anger on him. He asks her to listen to him once and try to understand.Zara and Rukhsar opens war for Kabir and this is followed by new drama and dhamaka in Ahmad house.

She gets angered when Kabeer forces the truth. She doesn’t want to listen to Kabeer. She scolds him for ruining her trust. She is much heartbroken. She tells him what she has gone through. She doesn’t want to see Kabeer. She gets mistaken because of Ruksar’s lies. She taunts Kabeer over his relationship with Ruksar. She takes a fork and threatens to hurt him.

Zara and Kabir’s strength of love

Zara is ready to find way out and Zeenat also supports Zara in this and is against her sister Ruksar.Zara is shattered post this shocking truth revelation that Kabir and Rukhsar had their nikaah in dubai.Kabir tries to explain to Zara that in which situation he had to marry Rukhsar, while here Rukhsar is increasing Kabir’s pain.Rukhsar is happy that Zara had found truth and is ready to fight for her right as Kabir’s wife and not ready to back off.

Kabeer feels she will listen to him once she clears her mind from anger. Meanwhile, Zeenat is troubled by Ruksar’s madness for Kabeer. She is indebted to Kabeer and Zara for saving Ruksar’s life, but she finds Ruksar in much sorrow.

Zara and Ruksar’s new battle begins

Zara’s parents asks Zara to return home and not suffer this pain while Zara refuses to return home.Zara is ready to share Kabir with Rukhsar and everyone is shocked while Rukhsar is happy but Zara seems to have some other plans.What way will Zara find out of this trouble, will Rukhsar let Zara win this battle.

She can’t see her sister’s sorrow and hugs her. Ruksar pleads her to help her in getting her rights. Zeenat explains her that she can’t get Kabeer’s love by force. Ruksar tells Zeenat that she can’t live without Kabeer, she will better end her life. Zeenat melts down and agrees to support Ruksar. Kabeer decides to win his mum’s heart by making her favorite dish. He prepares the food by much hard work. Ruksar is trying hard to convince the family. Kabeer wants to cheer up his mum. He knows he has hurt his family a lot.

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