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Ishq Subhan Allah Update:Zeenat verses Kabir,Elina gets kidnapped, Zeenat’s foul play


Ishq Subhan Allah: Zeenat (Monika Khanna) verses Kabir’s (Adnan Khan) bang in challenge, Elina in trouble

The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular daily soap Ishq Subhan Allah is up for high voltage drama.Kabir had flopped Zeenat’s plan as he made Shahbaz speak up truth and thus Shahbaz gets strength of Zara and Kabir.Zara and Kabir are shocked as Shahbaz has fixed Elina and Sameer’s alliance but Kabir is sure that it has something suspicious over it.

Kashan and Zeenat’s 15 crore deal slips off the hand which Zeenat couldn’t digest.Zeenat thus puts challenge infront of Kabir that she will get Elina and Sameer married.Kabir had taken challenge and says that this will never happen until he is alive he will not let this happen.Kabir thus asks Shahbaz to speak up as what had Kashan and Zeenat told him that he is ruining Elina’s life.

Kabir and Zara are thus asks Shahbaz to speak up and he tells all truth and breaks Elina and Sameer’s alliance.Shahbaz refuses this alliance of Sameer and Elina and thus Zeenat is super irked with this.Zeenat verses Kabir’s challenge,Zeenat is not ready to accept her thus defeat as it cost 15 crore to her and thus she puts up a challenge infront of Kabir.

Zeenat puts up a challenge that she will get Elina and Sameer married at any cost and Kabir takes up challenge and tells Zeenat that she will not get successful.Zeenat gets infuriated with this and thus challenges Kabir that she will get Elina married to Sameer at any cost.Elina had gone to college but doesn’t return back and gets kidnapped, Zeenat warns Kabir.

Kabir is shocked and Zara doubts that Zeenat is behind this evil play and Kabir panics with this.Will Kabir and Zara be able to save Elina from Zeenat’s forced marriage trap or will Zeenat get successful in this.Let’s wait and watch what step will Zeenat take now to fulfil her challenge.

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