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Ishqbaaz: Anika forgive Shivay’s misdeeds, Happy beginning ahead


In Ishqbaaz, Shivay stays outside Anika’s house, even when it rains. He falls ill. He collapses down. Anika runs to Shivay to take care of him. Shivay works hard to get forgiveness for his mistakes. She realizes that he is putting much efforts to impress her and make things fine for them. Shivay shocks Anika by his determination and passion. Anika takes him to home and looks after him to cure him. They both come close. She can’t see him hurt. Shivay learns about Anika’s birthday. He plans to surprise her and win her heart. Shivay works hard to please Anika. He decorates her home and gets a cake for her birthday celebrations.

Anika gets surprised with the birthday preparations. Shivay warns Anika’s aunt against hurting Anika. Shivay makes up for his mistakes. Anika gets much pampered. She never imagined that Shivay would go to this extent to convince her. They become friends.

Shivay takes a stand for Anika when the neighbors insult her. He asks them how can they blame anyone without knowing the truth, who has given them the right to insult a girl publicly. He gets angry on the people. He raises a voice for Anika’s sake. He asks how can they question her character, did they come ahead to know her problem or help her. He tells them that he is Anika’s husband and now he can’t tolerate anything against his wife. He threatens the people that he will not spare them if they humiliate her again. Shivay yells at the people and asks them to better focus on their own lives.

Shivaay and Anika are now getting together slowly and slowly, Shivaay had managed to win back Anika’s forgiveness.Anika forgives Shivaay seeing how Shivaay is making steps towards her and thus gives new change to Shivaay.Shivaay extends friendship hand towards Anika and promises to turn a good friend for her and even warns all neighbours of Anika to not tag Anika characterless.Anika and Shivaay’s friendship beginsAnika is stunned seeing Shivaay’s efforts and love, Shivaay’s this friendship is too precious for Anika and will slowly transform into love.Shivaay will now make arrangements for Anika’s birthday surprise and will give happiness to Anika, Anika is much happy seeing Shivaay’s this side.

Anika watches Shivay defending her. Her heart melts down. Shivay wants to calm her anger and succeeds. He tells her that he has done much wrong with her, but now he will do anything to earn her forgiveness, he can even fight with the world. Shivay wants Anika to give him one chance to keep the marriage. Anika agrees to Shivay and forgives him. She leaves for home with Shivay.