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Ishqbaaz: Daksh aplogize to Anika, Shivaay Anika proved soul mates


Ishqbaaz: Shivaay claim over Tia being soul mate flops with twist in tale

Star Plus daily soap Ishqbaaz is showcasing exciting track in the ongoing storyline.It seems Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) wants Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) to accept Anika (Surbhi Chandna) as his wife in front of everyone with due respect but in vain.Omkara Rudra tries various ways but Shivaay does not accept the same.However, Omkara Rudra decides to make Shivaay wear the anklet to Anika which was brought by Daksh as per the ritual.Initially Shivaay claims that he will make Tia wear the anklet being his soul mate but destiny proves that Anika is Shivaay’s soul mate.Anika rejoice over being proved as Shivaay’s soul mate.

Shivaay too gets surprised with his move where Anika rejoice this moment of happiness along with Omkara Rudra.Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) will check out the things that he burnt which had Anika’s (Surbhi Chandna) belongings.Shivaay will get shocked to see his cufflink in Anika’s belongings which he had lost in Payal’s house.Shockingly, Shivaay recalls the incident and assumes that what Anika was saying was the truth.Still Shivaay do not regret over his deeds and decides to expose Daksh first and take big step against him.Shivaay cracks up master plan single handed to expose Daksh.

Viewers will get to witness Shivaay cracking up master plan to expose Daksh single handed.Anika (Surbhi Chandna) as always turns Priyanka’s angel where she manages to get her back to life.Further Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) too gets overwhelmed with Anika’s this wonderful gesture where he thanks her over the same.On the other hand, Daksh gets overconfident that Shivaay will never catch him and gets ready to get married to Priyanka.Shivaay plays the game with Daksh this time not Anika.

However, Shivaay plays smart this time where he declares immediate marriage of Daksh and Priyanka.Shivaay is happy as Priyanka has recovered and makes announcement to get Priyanka married to Daksh.Shivaay tells that he wants to get Priyanka and Daksh married as soon as possible and calls for a press conference.Anika is tensed and also tries to warn Shivaay but of no use, Shivaay tells Daksh that he will transfer Priyanka’s share of property to him.Daksh’s truth exposed

Daksh is too happy as he wants to marry Priyanka just for money and there Anika is too tensed but Shivaay calls a press conference for a shocking twist.Shivaay exposes Daksh’s real face in press conference and reveals how he was betraying Priyanka and it was Priyanka who exposed Daksh’s real face to Shivaay.Shivaay apologize to Anika.

While a major drama is to unfold as Shivaay will make dhamakedar announcement and will expose Daksh and throw him out of Priyanka’s life.Shivaay will also apologize to Anika for misunderstanding her and will thanks her for saving his sister.

Will Shivaay too accept that not Tia but Anika is his soul mate?

Let’s wait and watch.