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Jhansi Ki Rani 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update

Gangadhar Gets Upset With Moropant For Serving Him Non Veg


Jhansi Ki Rani 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update, Jhansi Ki Rani Written Episode Update on

Jhansi Ki Rani 22nd April 2019 Episode Start With Manu throwing the binoculars and seeing at the britishers working for engine. Kashi says it the blast is unsuccessful. Manu says it will. She sees many british soldiers coming there and tells that she could blast railway engine with the help of Tatya Guru, but now she needs her own soldiers to fight with britishers. Kashi asks her to take Maharaj’s help. Manu says no and tells that Maharaj thinks that the railways will bring progress in Jhansi. She says this is the challenge between me and the cunning Ross, and asks her to remember that when hope wins in a challenge then only one wins when tries. Kashi says where you will get many people to fight. Manu says she has to find the rela Hindustani who will help her to free this Hindustan.

The cook tells Peshwa that the vegetarian food will be very tasty. Peshwa says that’s why we called you from Bhittor. Moropant asks when Nana Saheb will come. Peshwa says soon. Janki comes to kitchen and sends the cooks outside to get the vegetables. She signs Jack to come inside the kitchen and goes. Jack has covered himself with blanket and mixes non veg in the food. One of the cook sees him and asks what did you do? He shouts for help. Jack beats him and takes him with him. Other cook sees him and gets shocked. Janki comes to Manu and asks her to see the jewellery. She says your face will look good in these ornaments. Manu smiles. Laccho Bai comes there and says the jewellery which she brought will look beautiful on this dress.

Janki gets upset and says Laccho Bai, before teaching me, look at yourself in the mirror and says Manikarnika will wear jewellery of Ranis. Saku Bai comes there and says Manu will wear jewellery chosen by big Aai Saheb Sakubai. She shows the ornaments to Manu. Kashi thinks whom Maharani will agree to. Manu says she will wear everyone’s ornaments. She wears the long necklace brought by Janki. She then wears necklace brought by Laccho Bai and the bangles brought by Saku Bai. She then wears earrings chosen by Laccho bai. Laccho Bai takes off bad sight from her. Jhansi wali rani plays…..She thinks woman needs to lift the sword and thinks to ask them. She says I want to get something from my three Aai Sahebs.

Laccho says we will give you whatever you ask for. Saku Bai asks if I lost my voice or my mind stop thinking that you are taking my decisions. Janki says I will get what you wanted. Manu says I want your help to fight for freedom. Janki says we are Ranis, we do rule and not fight. She thinks that’s why Ross doubts her. saku Bai thinks what she will get by fighting with britishers, and says now at this age, she doesn’t have courage to fight. Laccho thinks Manu will feel bad if she refuse and tells that she is ready and asks what to do. She chews the pan. Manu says we have to make those britishers thrown out of our Hindustan. Laccho Bai coughs and the pan get stuck in her neck and coughs. She says how we will face the britishers’ bullets and says Ali bahadur will help you. Janki asks what is the need of this fight and says britishers are our friend. She says neither you nor us shall get involved in this freedom fight and asks her to leave all this. They leave. Manu thinks this kranti will end when she will lose her life and thinks britishers are not friends and they are insult for friendship.

Gangadhar and his family sit to have food. Moropant Serves the food to them. Gangadhar and Janki see the non veg in the dish. Janki makes an issue and asks what is this new tradition by serving us non veg. Gangadhar says you people have made fun of all Newalkar family. Moropant says I can’t think of this even in my dreams and says I am sad that this good moment turned out to be bad. Peshwa says everyone here is vegetarian and I got vegetarian food made in my supervision. He says why will we insult our daughter’s sasural. Janki says just because we were your Servants in the past. Peshwa’s wife if we have thought about this then we wouldn’t have come. Peshwa asks her to be quiet. Gangadhar says we will remember about this food all my life. Saku Bai thinks to get map from Maharaj. Kashi comes to Manu and tells that Meat was mixed in dal. Manu says who has done this and says may be someone did this intentionally. She says our cooks came from Bhittor and will not do this. Manu asks the cooks about Bhittor cooks. The cooks tells that they doesn’t know where that two cooks went. Manu searches for them.

One of the cook from Bhitoor came there. Manu asks where is the cook? The cook tells her everything and cries. Jack is beating the cook. Cook asks him not to beat him and says I will not tell anyone. Manu comes there and holds his hunter. Cook tells her that Jack added non veg in the dal.

Manu says today I will beat you so much then you will get burn in pain rain. She beats Jack with hunter. She is taking him beating to place. The villagers and the britishers see Manu beating Jack. British soldiers try to stop her. Manu looks at them and warns not to come behind her. The villagers get happy. Manu says you added non veg in the food. Smith sees everything shockingly and thinks to inform Ross. Manu is beating Jack and taking him to Palace. Jhansi wali rani plays……


Jhansi Ki Rani 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Manu pushes Jack infront of Gangadhar. She asks him to see her cook who was beaten up by Jack. She says he saw Jack mixing non veg in the food. Gangadhar asks Jack, how dare you do this and on whose orders you did. Manu says the culprit is not Jack, but Captain Ross.


Jhansi Ki Rani Details

Jhansi Ki Rani is show on Colors channel. The show is being produced by the same makers of popular historical drama Jhansi Ki Rani on Zee TV. The show featured child actor Ulka Gupta (younger Rani Lakshmibai) and Kratika Sengar (grown up Rani Lakshmibai) and both got a lot of appreciation and fame for their roles. And now after 8 years, the makers are planning to bring back the show with a few changes in the storyline and whole new cast.

Cast :

Vikkas Manaktala
Anushka Sen

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min