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Kabir decides to change his norms for lady love Rukhsar infuriated (Upcoming Episode)


Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir decides to change his norms for lady love Rukhsar ill at ease

The interesting storyline of ZEE TV Ishq Subhan Allan is turning towards the track when Kabir will finally decide to change himself for Zara.

Rukhsar’s dirty conspiracy to separate Kabir and Zara in Kashmir has backfired her so drastically that it has proved fruitful for Zara and Kabir.

Kabir and Zara, the duo have realized their love after they face the drastic time when Siraj captivated them,

Zara is pleased to see Kabir’s concern for her while Kabir has realized his feelings for Zara.

The duo ends up falling in love where now Kabir will take a big decision of his life.

Kabir’s surprise for Zara

Kabir gets mesmerized with Zara’s gesture of love when Zara cuts the cake on their last day of honeymoon in Kashmir.

While this clicks Kabir’s heart, Kabir will now decide to change his norms for his lady love Zara to make their relationship more perfect.

It would be a thrill to watch how the sudden change in Kabir will leave evil Rukhsar infuriated.

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