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Kaleerein: New entry to mark more troubles for Meera


Vivaan’s stepmum Roma arrives from London. Meera bumps into Roma’s car while saving a little kid from getting hit accidentally. Meera scolds Roma for driving so rashlessly and not caring for anyone’s life. They get into an argument. Roma throws money on Meera. Meera threatens to damage her car. Roma asks her to back off. Meera doesn’t know Roma is Vivaan’s step mum. She returns the money and takes her class. Roma arrives at Meera’s house to meet her. Vivaan welcomes her. Meera then gets a shock seeing Roma. Roma didn’t wish Vivaan to marry. She dislikes Meera more. Roma wants to break Vivaan and Meera’s marriage.

Roma doesn’t like Meera’s loud and dramatic family. She feels tortured seeing them. She asks Vivaan how can he tolerate such people. She shows tantrums in Meera’s house.

She doesn’t feel Meera is apt for Vivaan. She can’t stand Meera and her family. Meera’s family worries meeting Roma. Dolly says we were eager to meet you. Roma plans to torture Meera. Roma controls her temper. She is arrogant and egoistic. She will be making Meera’s life hell. Meera’s family understands Roma isn’t happy with the newly formed relation. Roma asks Vivaan to get rid of Meera soon. Vivaan treats Roma as his friend and believes her a lot. He doesn’t know Roma’s hidden agendas.