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Kaliren Update : Meera Sunny’s one night stand shattered , Meera’s Hunt Sunny’s


Kaliren Update : Meera Sunny’s one night stand shocking Vivaan cracks a deadly game in Kaliren

The upcoming twisting track in Kaliren will witness Meera (Aditi Sharma) and Sunny’s (Manraj Singh) wedding night conspiracy.Vivaan is hell wreck shocked discovering the reality behind why Meera is forgiving Sunny and taking his side.

While Meera reveals about the deal Sunny cracked with her, Vivaan now determines to flop Sunny’s evil motives while Meera also turns to flop Sunny’s dirty intentions.

Sunny and Meera come face off

Sunny is very desperate to spend a night with Meera while his real motive is to separate Vivaan and Meera.Where Vivaan and Meera both got stuck in his dirty conspiracy,

Sunny always had his evil eye over Meera and is doing all to give pain to Vivaan.Sunny now crosses hid limit and attacks Meera with an attempt to molest her, Meera tries to warn Sunny.Sunny is not ready to back off and tries to show his powers over Meera and here Meera takes Durga avatar to attack Sunny.

Meera’s Durga avatar against Sunny

Meera takes Maharani’s trishul and hunts Sunny, Sunny is shocked seeing Meera’s this avatar and runs to save his life.Meera is unstoppable and then Vivaan comes there to stop Meera.

Let see how they will backfire evil Sunny’s dirty conspiracy and how they will win their true love.stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes