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Kaliren Update: Poromita Murder Mystery for Vivaan Meera, Sangeeta Kapure’s new entry as Gurumaa


Kaliren: Gurumaa (Sangeeta Kapure) New spiritual entry intensifying Poromita Murder Mystery

The thriller and horror track in ZEE TV show Kaliren will soon witness a new entry of Actress Sangeeta Kapoore as Gurumaa.Vivaan and Meera are facing a double trouble time after Meera is getting scary visions of Poromita because of Poromita’s transplated eyes.Further, Gurumaa will bring a new hope and will solve Vivaan and Meera’s double trouble digging out the real mystery.

Vivaan and Meera reunite for new mission

Vivaan and Meera together reunite to solve Poromita’s mystery.Where Gurumaa will help them solve this huge mystery, Poromita’s murder mystery will now get more intensify post Gurumaa’s entry.Meera and Vivaan are finally united back but things aren’t going to go that smooth.

Meera has got new eyes but this eyesight will bring along many troubles, Meera has started to see weird things.Meera couldn’t realise what is happening to her, Meera and Vivaan will now seek help of a Gurumaa.

Meera and Vivaan’s beginning of new trouble

This new character will be played by Sangeeta Kapure who will play Gurumaa and will guide Meera and Vivaan out of this trouble.Sangeeta Kapure’s character will be positive and will have special powers and will use them to help Meera and Vivaan.However, Sangeeta Kapoore’s Gurumaa character will be positive and helpful for Vivaan Meera but let see if Makers planned any big twist in tale with Sangeeta Kapoore’s entry.

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